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عبد الكريم الدبيسي ◽  
يسرى خالد إبراهيم

The digital environment has brought a lot of changes to the lives of societies and affected and changed their cultures, lifestyles, ways of thinking and interaction with the environment. The digital environment, with its rapid developments, has produced new ideas and behaviors on societies in general and Arab society was not far from these currents, after more than fifteen A year since the Internet entered Iraq, which is one of the most important manifestations of democracy, the latest radical changes in human relations. The information acquired by the human being today is one of the Internet and its culture dependent on it, and here began the study questionably head of that: What is the role of social networking sites in promoting young people's awareness of the importance of the popular movement? The research aims through adopting the survey method (Public Opinion Survey) to identify the most important political, economic and social dimensions of youth awareness that the Internet has brought to them by enhancing information and increasing confidence in the importance of change and persistence on the principle and the research sample is from university students and they are the motors of mobility in the Arab countries Study (Iraq )

إلياس أبو بكر الباروني

The researcher seeks to evaluate and understand digital media in raising awareness of community issues among the public. The research aims to identify theoretical approaches to the impact of digital media on public awareness, and to clarify models of the impact of digital media on public awareness. The research used the descriptive and analytical approach, which attempts to analyze and describe the impact of digital media on social awareness among the public, as the research reached the most important results that the reality imposed itself in the form of digital media through its various means played an important and effective role in the movements and revolutions that the countries witnessed in the movements and revolutions of the democratic spring. Some people described it as "Vmsbouquet revolutions" in relation to the important role that Facebook played in communication between the demonstrators, which prompted some to say that virtual or digital media has replaced political organizations in playing their role aimed at political upbringing in what some have called "" Bringing up the internet.

عقبة عبد النافع العلي

The study aimed to investigate the negotiation skills which can contribute to bridging the gap between different points of view and reflecting the spirit of understanding. Collected from scientific sources and references, the data were systemically interpreted. The study consisted of three sections: the concept of negotiation, negotiation skills, types of negotiators and the most important factors that can affect the negotiation process. The study reached the following findings: 1. Negotiation is an inherent process in human life as long as man lives with others and enters into different, changing and continuous life relationships. 2. Negotiators are expected to have the skills, experience and capabilities that enable them to set up a strategy for planning and negotiation with integration in performance. The study came up with the following recommendations: 1. People working in the field of negotiations should be provided with the required training and qualifications. 2. Identifying the objectives of negotiations is required to set up a successful strategy for the negotiation process.

سلوى على الجيار ◽  
هالة كمال نوفل

This study aims to monitor and analyze the recent trends of the researches about the impact of the artificial intelligence on the journalism and television at the level of Arab and foreign studies from different research schools on all over the world in the period from 2017 to 2021.Also, it aims to know the subject fields about the artificial intelligence studies and to know the use of its techniques in journalism and television. This study is of the descriptive and analytical studies, and it depends on using the analysis style of the second level,According to this, the study depends on the qualitative analysis for the scientific studies related to the field of the artificial intelligence studies and its impact on the journalism and television,The results of this study are the following: - There is a variety for the recent trends of the researches about the impact of the artificial intelligence on the journalism and television in the period from 2017 to 2021. - The researches about the impact of artificial intelligence on the journalism are at the top of the interests list with average (84.2%), whereas the researches about the impact of artificial intelligence on television are with average (15.8%),The importance of using the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones), which allows the journalists to take photos from different angles for the news events such as the volcanic eruptions, war-torn villages and natural disasters.

يسرى خالد إبراهيم ◽  
قصي محمد حسين

The research aims to identify the extent to which minorities depend on social networking sites to introduce their issues and to know the extent to which minorities follow these sites and to identify the most important sites they rely on and the extent of their trust in them and to know the effects resulting from their dependence on these sites after these sites have become one of the most important promotional means for what It is characterized by the ease of communication and creating a public space for discussion and formation of views. This research is a descriptive research that adopted the survey method. The research tools are observation, interview, and questionnaire that were used to collect data for the field study. The research sample is a simple random sample from the total community of minorities located within the geographical area of Nineveh Governorate. The research concluded with a set of results, most notably: the respondents’ reliance on social networking sites to get acquainted with the news of the sect to which they belong. Follow-up on social networking sites, and the search results showed the side of the terms closest to the respondent for the category (components) and then (minorities).

اعياد قاسم محمد ◽  
جمال عبد ناموس

This research aims to identify the journalistic treatment of the economic crisis in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Zaman, in order to give a clear picture of the types and methods of processing, the press arts, sources of information and the elements of the typographic highlights that dealt with the economic crisis, and the developments and effects of this crisis in many political, social, environmental and other fields, as The Iraqi press treatment of the economic crisis resulting from the Corona crisis? The objectives of the research are a reflection of the questions identified by the research. The research reached a set of conclusions as follows: 1. Surface treatment ranked first in the newspaper's press content, which means that the newspaper moved away from deepening topics related to the economic crisis because it wanted to win the public in the shortest and simplest way by presenting simple information about the crisis and the superficial opinions it deals with. 2. Zaman relied a lot on the art of journalistic investigation among other journalistic arts in dealing with the economic crisis in an effort to reveal the shortcomings and mismanagement that caused the crisis in order to compensate for the competition of weak newspapers in the field of journalistic precedence with the new media and its outputs. 3. The reliance of time on the source (journalist writer) in the category of the source of information was a clear imbalance in its editorial policy, as this revealed a weakness in the use of delegates and correspondents in dealing with the topics of the economic crisis.

مرتضي البشير عثمان الأمين

This descriptive study aimed at identifying the concerns of the Sudanese media for promotion of tourism in the country. To attain that, the study seeks to answer a set of questions such as: How far is the awareness and the concern given to the touristic activity as economic and social value? How efficient are the media and communications efforts to promote what existed? How the media performance corresponds with the importance of tourism in Sudan? The study adopted the survey method. Its population represents the three groups in tourism sector in Khartoum State. The sample includes: class sample and selected sample from the institutions. Data is collected by a questionnaire. The study demonstrates that the efficiency of media in promotion of tourism is impeded and weakened by the technical and professional shortcomings of the employees in the field. The study recommends the following: Capitalizing the concept of touristic promotion among the employees of the Sudanese media and raising their skills and capabilities. Activation of federal and state touristic awareness.

ناجية البادي الكتبي ◽  
أسامة كناكر

This study aimed to determine the use of the Twitter network in raising awareness of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) through analyzing the tweets of the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection that were published from 7/1/2020 - 31/7/2020, to reveal the communication role of health institutions in raising awareness of the disease. This study is a descriptive study that uses the analytical approach. It relied on the sample survey method using the content analysis tool. The tweet was considered as a unit of analysis using both social responsibility theory and information seeking. The number of tweets reached 513 tweets. The findings have shown that the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE allocated 62% of its tweets in July to raise awareness of the emerging Corona virus and the majority of these tweets were supported by images and info graphics. Additionally, the tweets focused on all segments of the society. The interest of those in charge of the site appeared through answering all inquiries, The study recommends conducting specialized research in the field of communication networks and their role in health awareness.

عبد الهادي محمود الزيدي ◽  
نجاة جبار كاظم

في كل عمل أو ميدان نظري أو عملي يراد تطويره، لا بد من اتخاذ خطوات وآليات تناسب هذا التطوير بهدف تحقيق الفائدة المثلى والهدف الأسمى الذي ينبغي تحقيقه، وذلك بناء على غايات مشتركة تسعى لتحقيق الهدف، وهو نفس الأمر المتحصل في رؤية الإعلام الإسلامي -للإنسان والكون والحياة- واحتياجات هذا الإعلام وتطويره، وما دامت عملية التطوير حاجة ماسة وغاية كبرى، فلا بد من الشروع في التواصل مع فكرة التطوير أولا، ومع آليات وخطوات ومراحل هذا التطوير في المراحل التالية، ثم برمجة فكرة الانفتاح على الجوانب المهمة من ذوات العلاقة بعملية عمل هذا الأعمال وتطويره، بحيث تتجمع الغايات والأهداف في بؤرة واحدة تمتد فيما بعد إلى كل الميادين التي يتم التعامل معها.

حيـــــاة قـــــــزادري

The subject of media and digital education in the family and school has become a necessity in the new technological environment, where it has become an important requirement for social upbringing as a process of giving individuals the values, beliefs, norms and social norms that enable them to reconcile and facilitate them in dealing with the problems of their society in the future in a positive way. Among the most prominent problems facing social development now are the problems of the unconscious interaction of children and adolescents with the media, which are exposed to all the content that is destructive to values and morals and that is threatening to public belief and morality. In addition to the lack of opportunities for interaction and communication within the family, children and students today are communicating more with technology than with their families, families and teachers, so that the impact of technology on them is greater than social influences, as a generation that has developed in a rapidly accelerating world. The purpose of this intervention is to provide the right skills to these generations through their education, media and digital education, which will enable them to deal properly with these means, to make good use of them, to avoid their risks, to avoid their implicit messages that rob privacy and generate various forms of violence, crime, and to destroy values and morals. The role of the family and the school is integrated in this field.

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