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Zuber Mujeeb Shaikh

Patient and Family Rights (PFR) is a common chapter available in the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation[i] (fifth edition) and Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) Standards for hospitals (second edition)[ii]. JCI Accreditation is a USA based international healthcare accrediting organization, whereas CBAHI is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based national health care accrediting organization. However, both these standards are accredited by Ireland based International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), which is the only accrediting organization who “accredit the accreditors' in the world. In Patient and Family Rights (PFR) chapter of JCI Accreditation for hospitals, there are nineteen (19) standards and seventy-seven (77) measurable elements (ME) whereas in CBAHI Accreditation there are thirty one (31) standards, ninety nine (99) sub-standards and fifty (50) evidence(s) of compliance (EC). The scoring mechanism is totally different in both these accrediting organizations. The researcher has identified thirty two (32) common parameters from JCI Accreditation and CBAHI standards, intent statement, measurable elements, sub-standard and evidence of compliance. On the basis of these identified common parameters, the researcher has compared the Patient and Family Rights chapter in JCI Accreditation and CBAHI Standards. Methods: This is a comparison study (normative comparison) in which the researcher has critically analyzed and compared the Patient and Family Rights (PFR) standards of JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation of USA (United States of America) and CBAHI (Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Data Collection: Primary data are collected from the JCI Accreditation Standards for hospitals, fifth edition, 2013 and CBAHI Standards for hospitals of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, second edition, 2011. Secondary data are collected from relevant published journals, articles, research papers, academic literature and web portals. Objectives of the Study: The aim of this study is to analyze critically Patient and Family Rights (PFR) Standards in JCI Accreditation and CBAHI Standards to point out the best in among both these standards. Conclusion: This critical analysis of Patient and Family Rights (PFR) Standards in JCI Accreditation and CBAHI Standards for hospitals clearly show that the PFR Standards in CBAHI Standards are very comprehensive than the JCI Accreditation standards.

G. Suresh ◽  
K. Sambath Kumar ◽  
P. Ambalavanan ◽  
P. Kumaresan

Zinc Thiourea Sulphate (ZTS), crystal is a magnificent metal natural compound, which consolidates the upsides of both natural and inorganic materials when contrasted and other customary non-linear optical materials and in this way can be utilized as a part of a more extensive scope of uses. Late endeavors at delivering new recurrence transformation materials have concentrated essentially on expanding the extent of the NLO properties that can recurrence twofold low pinnacle control sources, for example, diode lasers.  The thermo gravimetric examination (TGA) and differential warm investigation (DTA) were completed utilizing Seiko warm analyzer at warming rate 20°C/min in air to decide the warm dependability of the compound. ZTS crystals were developed by moderate cooling procedure. This empowers the development of mass gems along all the three bearings at an ideal pH. FTIR examines demonstrate that in the spectra of ZTS there is a move in the recurrence band in the low-recurrence district which uncovers that thiourea shapes sulfur-to-zinc securities in the ZTS crystals. The stability and charge delocalization of the molecule were also studied by natural bond orbital (NBO) analysis. The HOMO-LUMO energies describe the charge transfer takes place within the molecule. Molecular electrostatic potential has been analyzed.  The developments try in extensive scale with this enhanced pH qualities is required to yield mass crystal appropriate for laser combination tests and SHG device applications.

Maria Enescu ◽  
Marian Enescu

Customer experience maturity of any organization is important for its business results. This paper describes two kinds of maturity models, one based on competency evaluation of the employees on customer’s best applied practices, and the second on maturity of using digital tools to increase the customer good experience when working with the company. These approaches are useful when discuss the performance of enterprises providing products or services in the age of customer. The included case studies show the applicability of the procedures and open a way to be extended for proficiency testing workshops (for similar business) or in ranking the enterprises from the viewpoint of customer experience maturity.

Harjyot Kaur ◽  
Manjit Kaur

High Technology entrepreneurship is very important aspect in many debates, including those which are regarding launching new firms and development, regional economic development, section of stakeholders, selection of markets, educating managers and scientists.The purpose of this article is to define the high technology entrepreneurship, and identify its various aspects in relation with economics, entrepreneurship and management.High technology entrepreneurship is an investment in a project that uses various specialized individuals and various assets to create and capture the value of firm. Collaborative experiments and production of new products, assets and their attributes, which related to advances in scientific and technological knowledge and the firm’s asset ownership rights are the various factors which distinguishes Technology entrepreneurship from other entrepreneurship types (e.g. Social entrepreneurship, Small business and Self employment).

Solomon A. Keelson ◽  
Thomas Cudjoe ◽  
Manteaw Joy Tenkoran

The present study investigates diffusion and adoption of corruption and factors that influence the rate of adoption of corruption in Ghana. In the current study, the diffusion and adoption of corruption and the factors that influence the speed with which corruption spreads in society is examined within Ghana as a developing economy. Data from public sector workers in Ghana are used to conduct the study. Our findings based on the results from One Sample T-Test suggest that corruption is perceived to be high in Ghana and diffusion and adoption of corruption has witnessed appreciative increases. Social and institutional factors seem to have a larger influence on the rate of corruption adoption than other factors. These findings indicate the need for theoretical underpinning in policy formulation to face corruption by incorporating the relationship between the social values and institutional failure, as represented by the rate of corruption adoption in developing economies.

Chaithra. H. U ◽  
Vani H.R

Now a days in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) used in different fields because its well-suited simulator and higher flexibility. The concept of WLAN  with  advanced 5th Generation technologies, related to a Internet-of-Thing (IOT). In this project, representing the Network Simulator (NS-2) used linked-level simulators for Wireless Local Area Networks and still utilized IEEE 802.11g/n/ac with advanced IEEE 802.11ah/af technology. Realization of the whole Wireless Local Area Networking linked-level simulators inspired by the recognized Vienna Long Term Evolution- simulators. As a outcome, this is achieved to link together that simulator to detailed performances of Wireless Local Area Networking with Long Term Evolution, operated in the similar RF bands. From the advanced 5th Generation support cellular networking, such explore is main because different coexistences scenario can arise linking wireless communicating system to the ISM and UHF bands.

Ma. Dulce C. Guillena

Gonado-somatic index and fecundity are tools for measuring the sexual maturity and ability of animals to reproduce.  This study investigates the reproduction of Trichiurus lepturus. Specifically, this aimed to determine the sex ratio, the GSI, the relationship between fecundity and total length, fecundity and total weight, fecundity and ovary weight. The Descriptive Method of research was used.  Percentage and chi-square was utilized in determining the percentage of occurrence and sex ratio respectively.   Pearson r Product Moment Coefficient of Correlation was used to determine the relationships of the parameters. The study revealed that females outnumbered males and the sex ratio for different month showed significant difference.  Spawning season was observed to occur in November and December as revealed in its GSI values and it synchronized with the full and new moon phases.  Fecundity is positively correlated with body weight, body size, and ovary weight where ovary weight is observed to be the best index for fecundity.  The results of this study could be used further for formal stock assessment of cutlassfish fishery.

Manish M. Kayasth ◽  
Bharat C. Patel

The entire character recognition system is logically characterized into different sections like Scanning, Pre-processing, Classification, Processing, and Post-processing. In the targeted system, the scanned image is first passed through pre-processing modules then feature extraction, classification in order to achieve a high recognition rate. This paper describes mainly on Feature extraction and Classification technique. These are the methodologies which play an important role to identify offline handwritten characters specifically in Gujarati language. Feature extraction provides methods with the help of which characters can identify uniquely and with high degree of accuracy. Feature extraction helps to find the shape contained in the pattern. Several techniques are available for feature extraction and classification, however the selection of an appropriate technique based on its input decides the degree of accuracy of recognition. 

Feidu Akmel ◽  
Ermiyas Birihanu ◽  
Bahir Siraj

Software systems are any software product or applications that support business domains such as Manufacturing,Aviation, Health care, insurance and so on.Software quality is a means of measuring how software is designed and how well the software conforms to that design. Some of the variables that we are looking for software quality are Correctness, Product quality, Scalability, Completeness and Absence of bugs, However the quality standard that was used from one organization is different from other for this reason it is better to apply the software metrics to measure the quality of software. Attributes that we gathered from source code through software metrics can be an input for software defect predictor. Software defect are an error that are introduced by software developer and stakeholders. Finally, in this study we discovered the application of machine learning on software defect that we gathered from the previous research works.

Gunjan Gumber ◽  
Jyoti Rana

In India, the concept of organic food is gaining widespread acceptability. Consumers are becoming more conscious about their health and are looking for food that serves as a promising alternative. Corporates, NGOs, Spiritual leaders and Government are also promoting this food, as it is free from irradiation, chemicals and artificial additives. A number of organic food brands are available in the market. The main objective of this study is to find out the level of brand awareness and its influence on purchase of organic grocery. The data was collected from 150 organic consumers in National Capital Region (Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida) through a structured questionnaire. Questions related to brand recall, brand recognition and purchase of organic grocery were asked. It was found that in general, there is a low level of brand awareness among consumers, and those who have high level of awareness; they consume organic grocery more often. The study will help corporates to make effective communication and brand-building strategies.

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