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حنان الصادق بيزان

Social networking is one of the most recently used technologies because of its advantages, spread and interaction. It is one of the most prominent applications of the second generation Web 2.0, which has effectively imposed itself on the users of the internet. Facebook network comes second after search engine at the global level, "Google". It is noted that they are highly efficient in providing information services and representation of information institutions and facilities in the virtual world. it is agreed that the progress of the societies is measured according to their ability to free and fast access to information and to use it to generate knowledge that reaches wisdom, progress and excellence. At this point, the importance of studies of information is shown in general and Webometrics in particular, which means that the set of statistical methods and measurements used to study the quantitative and qualitative aspects of information resources, structures, uses and techniques on the web, is found to be bibliometric studies designed to study and analyze reference citations, can be applied to the information resources available on the web such as the links of web pages and the use of those sites. Therefore, the study aims to monitor students' attitudes towards the use of social networking sites in general, and the Facebook page of the department of information studies of the Libyan Academy particularly. To identify the view of the students of the information management division and the management of the archive to their identify satisfaction with the information services provided by the page, and the extent of knowledge of the links of electronic sources of information, and the extent to meet their needs and scientific desires, and to what extent related to academic and research interests.

أحمد ماهر خفاجة شحاتة

Despite the availability of millions of information resources on the internet, the Arabic digital content represents a relatively small percentage compared with the information available in other languages. The size of Arabic content, the lack of an adequate number of Arabic databases that organize this content and make it available to the Arab reader, and the lack of novelty and originality are the main issues that feature the Arabic content on the internet. The aim of the current study is to clarify the Arab scholars’ perception regarding the quality, reliability, and suitability of Arabic digital content that is available on the internet. A quantitative approach was adopted in this study in order to answer the research questions. A questionnaire was distributed online among a sample of Arab scholars to determine the quality and reliability of the Arabic digital content. Moreover, the questionnaire tried to identify the extent to which the current Arabic digital content meets the growing information needs, to identify the Arab scholars’ uses of Arabic content, and to discover the criteria that determine the digital content suitability. The findings of this study revealed that Arab scholars believe that Arabic digital content is weak and there is a lack of originality. In addition, the results indicated that Arabic digital content on the internet does not satisfy the scholars' needs which enforce them to use English information resources to compensates for the lack of Arabic resources. The study recommended the necessity of establishing mechanisms to support Arabic digital content and increase the academic institutions' role in enhancing Arabic digital content by encouraging and supporting scholarly research in the Arabic language.

طلال ناظم الزهيري

Libraries institutions are responsible for collecting and organizing information resources, and simplifying ways to benefit from it through traditional and electronic tools. Libraries today face many technical challenges, such as open access initiatives. Therefore, in order to preserve its role and contribute to the development of its performance, this study came to try to employ some innovative marketing methods that are compatible with the requirements of the digital environment, especially those followed by social networks, and try to invest them in activating the role of libraries. We believe that the best marketing methods are related to the services themselves, especially those services that are difficult to obtain from the Internet.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Manal Ahmad Awamleh ◽  
Faten Hamad

Purpose Digital preservation requires new skills and collaboration among library staff to maintain long-term access to information resources. Digital content and digital technologies pose a serious challenge to information institutions to continue to select, preserve and access information resources. However, there is an urgent need to increase awareness of the new trends in the partnership between research communities and academic libraries; there is also a need for new digital preservation-related skills among librarians. Therefore, this research aims to investigate the benefits, importance, requirements and challenges of digital preservation in academic libraries in Jordan.Design/methodology/approach A questionnaire was disseminated to 150 library staff working at the 10 public universities in Jordan, with 133 questionnaires suitable to analyze with a response rate of (88.6%).Findings The results indicate a moderate perception of the benefits and importance of digital preservation, as well as the requirements and challenges in academic libraries in Jordan to carry out the digital preservation process. This indicated the importance of increasing the academic libraries' – specifically academic libraries in Jordan – awareness of the vast and important benefits of digital preservation to maintain long-term access to information. It was noted that factors such as sex, experience, educational level and specialization did not affect the results.Practical implications The findings will provide insights for other academic libraries on how to plan and develop preservation policies to maintain access to information.Social implications Access to information is a human right that contributes to the advocacy of sustainable development, and hence, digital preservation can facilitate long-term availability and accessibility to information.Originality/value This paper provides insights and practical solutions for academic libraries in response to technological development and the change requirements. It will help academic libraries handle and cope with the challenges of providing distance library services over digital channels.

2022 ◽  
Yunita Duwi Anggiyasari

ABSTRACKInformation technology is booming so that it has become an important part of the world including the territory of Indonesia, not only that information technology also has an important role in companies, one of which is in global business competition. The rapid development of information technology in today's era has even made it easier for all company operations to be able to encourage and maximize the company's plans to face global business competition. The important role of information technology in global competition where technology can be used as a competitive advantage for companies and make information resources so that they can become strengths in global business competition.Keyword : Informations technology, Global Business Competition.ABSTRAKTeknologi infomasi yang melesat sehingga telah menjadi bagian penting di belahan dunia termasuk wilayah Indonesia, tidak hanya itu teknologi informasi juga memiliki peran penting dalam perusahaan yang salah satunya yaitu pada persaingan binis global. Melesatnya teknologi informasi di zaman sekarang bahkan menjadikan bagian yang memudahkan segala operasional perusahaan yang mampu mendorong dan memaksimalkan rencana perusahaan dalam menghadapi persaingan bisnis global. Peran penting teknologi infomasi dalam persaingan global yang dimana teknologi mampu dijadikan sebagai keunggulan kompetitif perusahaan dan menjadikan sumber daya infromasi yang sehingga mampu menjadi kekuatan dalam persaingan bisnis global. Kata kunci : Teknologi infomasi, Persaingan Bisnis Global.

Алексей Сергеевич Серый ◽  
Анна Александровна Гриневич ◽  
Владислав Александрович Лисин

В статье предложен подход к построению исследовательской среды для интеграции информационных ресурсов определенной области знаний и поддержки научных исследований. Особенностью подхода является комбинация в рамках единой информационной системы, основанных на онтологиях средств представления, систематизации и аннотирования интегрированных в систему ресурсов, а также ориентация на совместную работу специалистов над созданием размеченного корпуса. В статье приведен пример применения предложенного подхода для разработки информационной системы. The paper presents an approach to the development of a research environment, facilitating an integration of information resources dedicated to a certain scientific domain and supporting scientific research. The main feature of the approach is combining an ontology-based tools for presenting and annotating scientific information resources within a single information system. The development of the information system is aimed towards the joint work of researchers on the creating annotated corpora of resources. The paper provides an example of the proposed approach being put into practice when developing an information system.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (12) ◽  
pp. 208-221
B Vinoda ◽  
Doraswamy Naick

Digital information resources are fetching more and more imperative for the academic community. The increase of technical colleges in Andhra Pradesh are quiet noteworthy and in advance of various states of India. Digital resources are measured as imperative resources of teaching, research and training. Consequently, digital resources play a important role in academic libraries as they are mostly jingle for the support of academic brilliancy and research. For these research questionnaires were distributed to the faculty members of 10 selected engineering colleges in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly, 400 questionnaire distributed amongst the faculty members of 10 engineering colleges. Out of 400, only 336 questionnaires were received back that is the overall response rate is 84%.. 27.98% of the faculties are utilize digital resources for bring up to date Knowledge. It is also found from the study that preponderance of the faculty members were satisfied with available digital resources.

Shanshan Yang ◽  
Jinjin Chao

Nowadays, there are too many large-scale speech recognition resources, which makes it difficult to ensure the scheduling speed and accuracy. In order to improve the effect of large-scale speech recognition resource scheduling, a large-scale speech recognition resource scheduling system based on grid computing is designed in this paper. In the hardware part, microprocessor, Ethernet control chip, controller and acquisition card are designed. In the software part of the system, it mainly carries out the retrieval and exchange of information resources, so as to realize the information scheduling of the same type of large-scale speech recognition resources. The experimental results show that the information scheduling time of the designed system is short, up to 2.4min, and the scheduling accuracy is high, up to 90%, in order to provide some help to effectively improve the speed and accuracy of information scheduling.

2022 ◽  
pp. 73-90
Jesubukade Emmanuel Ajakaye

Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about new prospects for expanding research in all areas. The presence of artificial intelligence technologies in all spheres of work has made the future promising. The application of AI has contributed immensely to the provision and use of library information resources and has helped to achieve the goals and objectives of the library. Librarians need to be innovative in their thinking to stay relevant in their jobs because AI has found numerous applications in libraries ranging from book filing to book delivery. Its application brought about several new possibilities in the library such as connecting physical library information resources and electronic resources, and also associating video help with physical information materials and objects. The chapter discussed some components of AI, library services it can be applied to, the benefits of its application, as well as the challenges libraries face in the application of artificial intelligence in the library.

2022 ◽  
pp. 799-816
Emmanuel Frank Elia

This chapter explores the role of open access in promoting climate change adaptation and sustainable development. It reviews global trends of journalists' access to information and specifically discusses Tanzania journalists' access to and use of climate change information. The chapter further assesses the impact of journalists' access to open information resources in adapting to climate change and promote sustainable development. The chapter also discusses the challenges journalists encounter in accessing and using open access information resources. It further recommends solutions to the raised challenges and suggests areas for further research. The chapter concludes by giving insights on major issues of concern on open access.

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