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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 554-484
Reza Prasetya Putera ◽  
Irwanto Irwanto ◽  
Bagus Dwi Cahyono

Education is an important thing at this time, especially in college. One form of education is practical activities carried out to improve student experience and understanding. Things that affect student competence are the competence of laboratory assistants, practical facilities, practical worksheets  and theoretical understanding. This study was conducted to determine the magnitude of the influence of the competence of laboratory assistant practical facilities, practical jobsheets and theoretical understanding on the competence of students of Electrical Engineering Vocational Education, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa. This study is an ex-post facto research using quantitative research methods whose data were obtained using questionnaires and tests distributed to students of Electrical Engineering Vocational Education at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University who did practicum and then processed using the SPSS 25.0 application with simple linear regression analysis techniques and also regression double. The results of the study showed that there was a significant effect of the laboratory assistant competency variable, while the practical facilities variable, practical worksheet and theoretical understanding did not have a significant influence on the student competency variable. Keywords: Practice, Laboratory Assistant,  Facilities,  Jobsheet, Theory Understanding

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Huanqing Zhang ◽  
Honggang Sun ◽  
Qiutong Li ◽  
Li Wang

The local structures of U-Co melts have been studied by first-principle calculations. Two sub-peaks are observed in the first peaks of U-U pair distribution functions. The Voronoi polyhedral analyses also show two separate core-shell U-U distances. Therefore, the calculated results propose that U atoms will play dual roles, “chemical” and “topological”, in the local structures of U-Co melts. In addition, the chemical effect of U atoms will be strengthened when containing more U atoms. The interaction of Co and U atoms is slightly affected by the compositions. The Co-centered clusters are mostly prism-like or antiprism-like polyhedral, which can be predicted by the solute-solvent model. The distribution of the coordinated numbers of Co atoms is much narrower than that of U atoms, showing relatively stable Co-centered clusters. The chemical and topological roles of U atoms are intuitively observed in the electron density of U-Co melts, which presents both metallic and covalent bonding characteristics for U-U bonds. In the end, we conclude that the partial localization of U 5f-electron is responsible for the dual roles of U atoms. The present results provide a theoretical understanding of the origin of the local structures of U-Co melts.

2022 ◽  
Andrej Lizunov ◽  
V V Maximov ◽  
Andrey Sandomirsky

Abstract The recently developed Doppler spectroscopy diagnostic has been used to evaluate the height of the ambipolar potential barrier forming in the gas dynamic trap (GDT) plasma between the central cell and the region with a large magnetic expansion ratio beyond the mirror. The diagnostic technique based on the gas jet charge exchange target, allowed to measure the potential profile along the line of sight covering the radial range from the axis to the limiter. The on-axis potential drop was found to be 2.6÷3.1 in units of the central plane electron temperature, which supports the existing theoretical understanding of suppression of electron thermal conductivity in the GDT expander.

Genetics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Benjamin H Good

Abstract The statistical associations between mutations, collectively known as linkage disequilibrium (LD), encode important information about the evolutionary forces acting within a population. Yet in contrast to single-site analogues like the site frequency spectrum, our theoretical understanding of linkage disequilibrium remains limited. In particular, little is currently known about how mutations with different ages and fitness costs contribute to expected patterns of LD, even in simple settings where recombination and genetic drift are the major evolutionary forces. Here, I introduce a forward-time framework for predicting linkage disequilibrium between pairs of neutral and deleterious mutations as a function of their present-day frequencies. I show that the dynamics of linkage disequilibrium become much simpler in the limit that mutations are rare, where they admit a simple heuristic picture based on the trajectories of the underlying lineages. I use this approach to derive analytical expressions for a family of frequency-weighted LD statistics as a function of the recombination rate, the frequency scale, and the additive and epistatic fitness costs of the mutations. I find that the frequency scale can have a dramatic impact on the shapes of the resulting LD curves, reflecting the broad range of time scales over which these correlations arise. I also show that the differences between neutral and deleterious LD are not purely driven by differences in their mutation frequencies, and can instead display qualitative features that are reminiscent of epistasis. I conclude by discussing the implications of these results for recent LD measurements in bacteria. This forward-time approach may provide a useful framework for predicting linkage disequilibrium across a range of evolutionary scenarios.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Yeunjae Lee ◽  
Jarim Kim

PurposeThis study aimed to examine how senior leadership influences corporate communication and employees' attitudinal and behavioral outcomes. Using two-way symmetrical communication model in public relations and leadership theory, it investigated the effects of CEOs' task- and relationship-oriented leadership on symmetrical internal communication, employees' organizational commitment and communicative behaviors.Design/methodology/approachAn online survey was conducted with 417 full-time employees working in various industries in the United States.FindingsThe results showed that CEOs' relationship-oriented leadership significantly influenced symmetrical internal communication, which, in turn, increased affective commitment and employees' scouting behavior. CEOs' task-oriented communication had no significant effect on symmetrical communication.Originality/valueThis study advances theoretical understanding of two-way symmetrical communication in relation to senior leadership and provides practical insights for corporate leaders and public relations practitioners regarding how to improve employee outcomes through CEOs' strategic leadership and internal communication practices.

2022 ◽  
Vol 15 ◽  
Ankur Gupta ◽  
Rohini Bansal ◽  
Hany Alashwal ◽  
Anil Safak Kacar ◽  
Fuat Balci ◽  

Many studies on the drift-diffusion model (DDM) explain decision-making based on a unified analysis of both accuracy and response times. This review provides an in-depth account of the recent advances in DDM research which ground different DDM parameters on several brain areas, including the cortex and basal ganglia. Furthermore, we discuss the changes in DDM parameters due to structural and functional impairments in several clinical disorders, including Parkinson's disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and schizophrenia. This review thus uses DDM to provide a theoretical understanding of different brain disorders.

2022 ◽  
Vol 0 (0) ◽  
Erik Zyman

Abstract One of the most significant results in syntax has been a deep empirical and, to some degree, theoretical understanding of the argument/adjunct distinction, which underlies a range of superficially disparate phenomena. Therefore, any phenomenon that seems to challenge the argument/adjunct distinction merits careful examination. This paper investigates just such a phenomenon: proleptic PPs. Previous claims about the argument/adjunct status of proleptic PPs are contradictory and mostly unsubstantiated. The paper subjects proleptic PPs to argument/adjunct diagnostics and shows that they unambiguously pattern as arguments: they cannot iterate, survive do so–replacement, or be stranded under vP-pseudoclefting; reconstruct for Condition C under vP-preposing; and are L-selected. They also pattern as arguments on a novel argument/adjunct diagnostic developed here, selectional switch: if adding XP to a structure changes the selectional interactions between a head Y and some ZP ≠ XP, then XP is an argument. Finally, the paper considers counterarguments to the view it defends, showing that they are unsuccessful or irrelevant. Thus, even XPs whose argument/adjunct status initially seems murky can turn out on closer scrutiny to pattern unambiguously as one or the other, supporting the traditional but not uncontested view that the argument/adjunct distinction runs deep, and suggesting that it may be categorical.

2022 ◽  
Ruisheng Zheng ◽  
Bing Wang ◽  
Liang Zhang ◽  
Yao Chen ◽  
Robertus Erdelyi

Abstract Solar extreme ultraviolet (EUV) waves are spectacular propagating disturbances with EUV enhancements in annular shapes in the solar corona. These EUV waves carry critical information about the coronal magnetised plasma that can shed light on gaining insight to the elusive physical parameters (e.g. the magnetic field strength) by global solar coronal magneto-seismology (SMS). EUV waves are closely associated with a wide range of solar atmospheric eruptions, from violent flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) to less energetic plasma jets or mini-filament eruptions, and can play a role in accelerating particles to non-thermal energies. However, the physical nature and driving mechanism of EUV waves is still under controversy. Here, we report the unique discovery of twin EUV waves (TEWs) that were formed in a single eruption with observations from two different perspectives. In all earlier studies, a single eruption was associated at most in a single EUV wave. The newly found TEWs urge to re-visit our theoretical understanding about the underlying formation mechanism(s) of coronal EUV waves. Two distinct scenarios of TEWs were found. In the first scenario, the two waves were separately associated with a filament eruption and a precursor jet, while in another scenario the two waves were successively associated with a filament eruption. Hence, we label these distinguished scenarios as "fraternal TEWs" and "identical TEWs", respectively. Further, we also suggest that impulsive lateral expansions of two distinct groups of coronal loops are critical to the formation of TEWs in a single eruption.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 1
Denis Trček

Digital transformation is, among others, notably driven by servitization, and consequently, IT artifacts called Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), together with disruptive technologies and innovations. In order to set up proper policies, the understanding of the above factors is essential, including their influences on value adding chains. This paper therefore provides an analysis of APIs developments together with their impacts on digital transformation. As they can affect organizations and even national economies at strategic level, appropriate management from a systemic perspective is justified, including e-Government initiatives. Further, APIs cannot be treated without their relations to disruptive technologies, innovations and value chains. Therefore, the advancements of theoretical understanding of evolution of value chains, and practical directions for e-government initiatives are given in this paper. In addition, an archetype model is developed that provides a basis for further research efforts in the area.   Received: 7 October 2021 / Accepted: 29 November 2021 / Published: 3 January 2022

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 117-127
Riad Alharbey ◽  

The adoption of a personal health record (PHR) is a crucial element in quality healthcare, allowing patients to permit the storage of their health information to create a more inclusive, reliable health record. However, the embracing of PHRs has been slow compared to other healthcare-related systems due to the poor design and behavioral aspects. The objective of this research is to study user acceptance factors to identify a better design for PHR systems and to promote healthy behaviors that support individuals' performance. The study proposes an integrative adoption model for PHRs that integrates theoretical factors from the health belief model with the user acceptance determinants from the technology acceptance model and innovation diffusion theory. Using structural equation modeling with the R “Lavaan” package, the study tested the hypothesis relationships of the constructs. The data were captured from individuals through Amazon’s MTurk. Among the nine relationships studied, the research revealed six significant relationships that inform the final PHR integrative adoption model. The research provides great insights into the factors that influence individuals’ PHR adoption. The results introduce a novel integration model to the current body of knowledge. This model will contribute to a better theoretical understanding of the actual use of healthcare-related technologies and bring greater estimates of patient engagement in healthy activities.

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