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2021 ◽  

Abstract Objective: To describe the combustion process of sugarcane RAC with CO2 capture by manganese-based oxygen transporters during the period 2015-2021. Design: Bibliometric observational study. Location: Combustion of cutting waste with CO2 capture by manganese-based oxygen conveyors.Main measures: Magazine, year of publication, first/last author, workplace and autonomous community were obtained in each register. Subsequently, the articles were classified according to their content or research area. The impact factor was obtained from the bibliometric analysis base of Scopus and Vos viewer.Results: Through the search criteria used, 475 documents were recovered in the 2015-2021 semester, excluding 2637 because they did not correspond to affiliation to centers or institutions directly related to documents related to chemical combustion and CO2 capture. In total, 73 documents were selected, in which an increase and interest in the study of these processes was verified both in the research areas and in the journals in which they are published. Most of the studies have been published in universities or research centers and differences were observed in terms of the volume of international and national scientific production, so it is necessary to increase these investigations in the country of Colombia.

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (28) ◽  
pp. 37-56
Mohammad Idris NOORI ◽  
Feza Tabassum AZMI ◽  

Among higher education students, perceived employability gained eminence in the last decades that attracted scholarly interests. Researchers theoretically and empirically studied the perceived employability though; inadequate preliminary review studies exist on this topic. Available researches mostly concentrated on a single approach. Thus, this study carried out a comprehensive review that comprised a systematic literature review (SLR) and bibliometric analysis that might boost understandings in the body of the literature. In the research process, the Scopus database from the 2008 to 2021 periods was used. The researchers set the search criteria that allowed the inclusion of 59 papers published in 45 peer-reviewed international journals. The paramount influential papers and prolific authors formulated the unit of this analysis. Furthermore, for the identification of thematic clusters and creating network maps, VOS viewer software was deployed. Citation analysis, co-authorship analysis, co-citation analysis, and co-occurrence of keywords analysis have generated interesting patterns which articulate the study results. The findings revealed enlightening insights on the content and characteristics of perceived employability, publication trends, highly cited papers, productive authors, contributing countries, repetitive themes, productive journals, and also unveiled gaps providing avenues for upcoming research works.

Huma Sikandar ◽  
Yamunah Vaicondam ◽  
Shazia Parveen ◽  
Nohman Khan ◽  
Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud computing, and wearable gadgets have broadened the scope of telemedicine and eHealth in past years. This research aims to investigate the past patterns of telemedicine and eHealth research over the past ten years. Scopus database was used to extract the article information of the selected articles. The research is conducted on 1401 articles in which we investigated the top authors, journals, institutions, countries, and highly cited articles. Our research findings project the growth trend of publications and the pattern of authors and distribution of articles and the core journals. The top 10 authors in the selected field were identified so were the highly cited articles. Co-occurrence analyses of keywords, authors, and countries co-authors analysis and bibliographic coupling of VOS viewer documents were conducted. The limitations and directions for future researchers have also been discussed.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Nadeem Siddique ◽  
Shafiq Ur Rehman ◽  
Shakil Ahmad ◽  
Akhtar Abbas ◽  
Muhammad Ajmal Khan

Purpose This study aims to investigate the research productivity of library and information science (LIS) authors affiliated with the 22 countries of the Arab League. It also identifies the top countries, organizations, authors, journals, natures of collaboration, and frequently used keywords in LIS research in the Arab world. Design/methodology/approach Bibliometric methods were used to evaluate the research performance of the authors affiliated with library organizations in the Arab region. The Elsevier Scopus database was selected for data retrieval. A comprehensive search strategy was adopted to retrieve 863 publications contributed by LIS authors affiliated with the Arab countries. VOS viewer, Biblioshiny, BiblioAnalyitics, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel were used for data visualization and analysis. Findings This paper presents the dynamics and the state of the LIS research in the Arab region published between 1951 and 2021. The results of the study have highlighted an upward trend in the growth of the publications, especially in the past four years. The largest number of studies were published in the year 2020. The country-wise analysis ranked Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as the top LIS research producing countries with five and four researchers, respectively. The Kuwait University, the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals and the Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University were the three most productive organizations. Academic libraries, social media, bibliometrics, information-seeking behavior, information literacy and knowledge management were identified as the major areas of interest for the researchers. Internet and open access were topics that had gained recent popularity, while the digital library, research data management, green librarianship, link data, cloud computing, library leadership, library automation and artificial intelligence were identified as areas requiring further attention. Furthermore, the single-author pattern was found to be the most preferred pattern. Practical implications The findings of this study would help prospective researchers in choosing the neglected areas of research that require further investigation. They would also help policymakers in identifying factors that need more attention and allocation of research funds. Originality/value To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first comprehensive bibliometric study that presents a holistic picture of the LIS research in the Arab region.

Energies ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (22) ◽  
pp. 7810
Ahmed Abdelaziz ◽  
Vitor Santos ◽  
Miguel Sales Dias

The high level of energy consumption of buildings is significantly influencing occupant behavior changes towards improved energy efficiency. This paper introduces a systematic literature review with two objectives: to understand the more relevant factors affecting energy consumption of buildings and to find the best intelligent computing (IC) methods capable of classifying and predicting energy consumption of different types of buildings. Adopting the PRISMA method, the paper analyzed 822 manuscripts from 2013 to 2020 and focused on 106, based on title and abstract screening and on manuscripts with experiments. A text mining process and a bibliometric map tool (VOS viewer) were adopted to find the most used terms and their relationships, in the energy and IC domains. Our approach shows that the terms “consumption,” “residential,” and “electricity” are the more relevant terms in the energy domain, in terms of the ratio of important terms (TITs), whereas “cluster” is the more commonly used term in the IC domain. The paper also shows that there are strong relations between “Residential Energy Consumption” and “Electricity Consumption,” “Heating” and “Climate. Finally, we checked and analyzed 41 manuscripts in detail, summarized their major contributions, and identified several research gaps that provide hints for further research.

Nova Scientia ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (27) ◽  
Ricardo Salazar-Velázquez ◽  
Juan Mejía-Trejo

  Introduction: the purpose of this research is to analyze the relationships and growth trends of Industry 4.0 within the global universe of current literature on innovation, limited to the subject area of business, administration, and accounting by means of a bibliometric analysis. Method: Scopus is used as a database for the analysis of 513 documents for the period from 1998 to 2021. VOS viewer was used for processing Scopus database and elaboration of figures representing the relationships between samples.                Results: the number of documents is exponentially growing, starting with a trend in 2017 and increasing ever since. The most dynamic source is Technological Forecasting And Social Change. The author with most documents is Voight, K. L. with 10, and the most distinguished institution is the University of Johannesburg with 14 documents. The country with more documents is Italy, with 69. According to the database 69 % of the total documents are articles and 23,4 % are conference papers. The number of documents in the area of Business, Management and Accounting, with 513 documents, exceeds by far any other area, representing 42 % of all documents. The funding sponsor with more documents is the National Natural Science Foundations of China with 13 documents. Some of the most updated organizations are Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, The center for digital labor markets. The country with more documents is United Kingdom with 50 documents and 584 citations, followed by United States with 1110 citations. United States has mainly bonds with China, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. United Kingdom has mainly bonds with France, Italy, Germany and United States. China’s main relations are Australia, United States, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Brazil and South Korea. Italy’s main bonds are France, Spain, Brazil, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Austria and Portugal. It could be determined that countries are mostly grouped in 6 clusters. Conclusion: Although there are not many publications yet, it can be inferred that the term industry 4.0 within the available literature of innovation will keep increasing exponentially over time reinforcing relations between authors, institutions and countries. Based on the current state of literature, the subject area of business, management, and accounting will keep on being the one that encompasses most of the available documents.

2021 ◽  
Vol 23 (11) ◽  
pp. 349-363
R. Sebastiyan ◽  
V. Rameshbabu ◽  
T.M. Surulinathi ◽  

Since food is considered important in the world, the current study analyzed the characteristics of scientific publications based on several subtle indicators of scientometrics in the field of food economics for strengthening public health in the future. Accordingly, a total of 26306 publications from 1915 to 2021 are evaluated based on the Scopus database with the help of scientific tools such as Hitcite, Biblioshiny and VoS viewer. The results show that the resourcefulness experts are identified in terms of their publication only, that namely Drewnowski, Kesselheim. On the other hand, the author Popkini is considered as the key author rather than the above-said authors in terms of global citations. The similarity in the above context is that all the topmost authors belong to the USA. More importantly, the summary of citations in total publication output is revealed that a single paper is recorded the range of citations between 1042-2766, the 500 citations are recorded from the 64 papers, and 844 papers accounted with more than 100 citations.

Paula Fabricio Sandreschi ◽  
Giovana Zarpellon Mazo ◽  
Tânia Rosane Bertoldo Benedetti

A análise de conteúdo e de redes de colaboração pode contribuir para as reflexões e estudos sobre o fluxo informacional. O objetivo do presente estudo é realizar uma análise bibliométrica das produções científicas brasileiras na temática atividade física e envelhecimento. O banco de dados foi construído utilizando-se a base de dados Web of Science (WoS), selecionando-se a Coleção SciELOBrazil. Os termos utilizados na busca foram relacionados com “atividade física” e “envelhecimento”. Foram coletadas variáveis de autoria, número/média de publicações, número/média de citações, quantidade de publicações realizadas por instituição e palavras-chave citadas nos estudos. Posteriormente, os dados foram analisados no software VOS viewer, onde mapas de rede foram criados. Foram encontrados 19 clusters de autores, sendo identificadosaqueles que mais publicam na área da atividade física e envelhecimento no Brasil. Com relação às instituições, verificou-se uma concentração de publicações em Universidades do Sul e Sudeste, com destaque para São Paulo. Com relação às palavras-chave, verificou-se que as mais utilizadas nos estudos foram: qualidade de vida, força muscular, fatores de risco, obesidade e hipertensão. Em conclusão, a temática apresentou expansão com o passar dos anos, identidade própria e consistência nas redes de produção e colaboração entre autores. 

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (3) ◽  
pp. 368
Maharani Ayu Nurdiana Putri ◽  
Erina Krisnaningsih ◽  
Nadi Suprapro ◽  
Utama Alan Deta ◽  
Dwikoranto Dwikoranto

This study aims to analyze research trends related to PjBL-STEM topics in 2016-2020 through bibliometric analysis with the Scopus database. Based on the criteria, it obtained 1,169 documents. Microsoft Excel was used to analyze data and VOS viewer as a data visualization. The results showed that PjBL-STEM research is increasing every year. The USA contributes the most research in the world, Indonesia ranks second. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Universitas Negeri Malang, Universitas Sebelas Maret, and Universitas Negeri Semarang are among the top affiliates in PjBL-STEM research in the world. Visualizing the trend of PjBL-STEM research in 2016-2020, there are three clusters, namely 1.) PjBL-STEM as a framework, 2.) PjBL-STEM as self-development, and 3.) Effects of PjBL-STEM research. The results of this study can help researchers related to PjBL-STEM research trends in the world and provide direction in further research.

2021 ◽  
Vol 24 (2) ◽  
pp. 198-230
Bharati Singh

This paper presents a bibliometric analysis of relevant publications in the field of behavioral finance and behavioral accounting. The analysis shows that the emerging themes of research in recent years in behavioral finance is on investors’ sentiment, social media, investors’ attention, and financial literacy. In the field of behavioral accounting, biases such as  overconfidence, framing effects or cognitive constraints on information processing, have been explored in greater detail. Other than cognitive biases, this field includes studies such as behavioral tax, organizational ecology, and performance evaluative style of organization, among others. Interestingly, our analysis suggests that research in behavioral accounting is comparatively underdeveloped than research in behavioral finance. This bibliometric analysis has been extended by network analysis using, “Visualization of similarities, (VOS) viewer” software. Using the themes generated here the direction for future scope of research work has been discussed.

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