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Nana Gorgaslidze ◽  
Nodar Sulashvili

Protecting safe working conditions involves the use of ineffective and reliable means of preventing industrial injuries and occupational diseases, technologies, equipment and others. It is natural that the fields, technological processes, etc., are characterized by their specifics and the safety rules should be different for them. In pharmacies, laboratories, training and scientific research laboratories, warehouses, production equipment are subject to daily cleaning. Cabinets in storage rooms should be cleaned as needed, but at least once a week. Wet cleaning of the pharmacy, laboratory/ factory (floor and equipment) before starting work. Only dry cleaning of laboratory / production using disinfectants is not allowed. Waste and rubbish should be collected in special containers with a moving lid and should be removed at least once a day. Hand-washed sinks, toilets and garbage containers should be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected daily. Personnel are required to follow the rules of personal hygiene and industrial sanitation, to carry out the relevant personnel to perform food, smoking, as well as storage of food, tobacco and personal medicines in pharmacies, training and scientific research laboratories and departures. Pharmaceutical establishments do not comply with the hygienic norms of the internal and external environment, physical, chemical and biological factors of the labor process. The facility also does not take into account psychosocial factors related to safety (stress, communication, post-traumatic stress, etc.); Most pharmaceutical establishments (50-60%) do not have a fire board with appropriate equipment, evacuation exit and scheme. Also has no person responsible for the matter; Disobsibility and specialist protection/separation facility prior to pandemic were minimal (increased by 99%) during pandemic; The state should create an appropriate legislative and institutional framework; We think this will help transform the existing department into an effective labor inspectorate. The possibility will be created of the institutional capacity of its independence and efficiency, and the law will also provide guarantees for the individual independence of inspectors. Also, the bill should directly refer to the Labor Inspectorate as the body responsible for law enforcement.

Roza Lortkipanidze ◽  
Shorena Tvalodze

Yucca Gloriosa species belong to a very interesting group of plants, their consumption is diverse. As biochemical studies reveal, some types of Yucca leaves contain tigogenin and stereogenic sapogenin, which is the source of syntheses of steroidal hormonal medicine. Yucca as a raw material is a valuable set for the pharmaco-chemical industry. Yucca was introduced in Georgia in the 19th century. Yucca has a great ability to be adapted to the different ecological environment. Among 11 introduced species in Transcaucasia, Yucca Gloriosa L. is distinguished with its relatively high content of healing substances. Yucca gloriosa L. blooms well in climatic conditions of Georgia, although, they don’t provide seeds. The plant easily vegetates by dividing into 10-20cm length parts that later are introduced in the soil. Propagation is also processed by rooting of the 1-year young rosette. It is noteworthy that the Yucca stem does not lose its ability to take root even after a few days in air-dry conditions.

Guo Zongshuai, ◽  
Huang Zhihao

The analysis is represented of some works devoted to the mathematical modeling of processes in plasma-ion thrusters and Hall effect thrusters. It is shown that the common in these works is the use of approximate forms of the equations of gas dynamics, which are applicable to the description of relatively dense gases, but not to analyze the processes in the rarefied plasma of electric propulsion thrusters. As a result, the above mathematical models do not represent the processes that are significantly responsible for the values of the thruster operating parameters.Authors try to partially correct this drawback by insertion into the initial approximate forms of the equations written for a point in the plasma volume, the parameters that actually represent the boundary effects and should be written not in the equations of gas dynamics themselves, but in the boundary conditions for these equations.The most complete forms of the necessary equations are given in this paper. It is shown that it is necessary to take into account electrons thermal conductivity as well as at least one (radial-azimuth) component of viscosity tensor to describe the "wall scattering" effect.It is concluded that the most productive approach in mathematical modeling is to write the most complete forms of equations with their subsequent simplification – removing the terms responsible for the processes recognized on the basis of primary numerical estimates as such, which can be neglected.

Ihor Hayduchok

The article presents the results of an innovative experimental study of pharmacotherapy of systemic autoimmune diseases in a pandemic of coronavirus infection is a timely and socially oriented way. The methodology of conducting a content analysis based on the theoretical principles of pharmaceutical and medical law and its components. Author used the method of drug selection developed by the Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Law, General and Clinical Pharmacy of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Content analysis was performed by dosage forms by grouping them using the Sturgess formula, followed by the construction of discrete series of variations and distribution polygon. Received data made possible to state, that in some circumstances, doctors have a choice of both drugs and dosage forms. However, the data obtained show a lack of balance between supply and demand for patients and physicians. The analysis allows to obtain a complete description of the balance of "supply and demand" between the range and types of dosage forms of drugs INN Silymarin ATC code A05BA03, that approved for use.

Iryna Tukhar ◽  
Viktoriya Shapovalova ◽  
Valentyn Shapovalov ◽  
Valeriy Shapovalov

The article presents the results of the research concerning the pharmacotherapy of patients with chronic pancreatitis with comorbidity from the pharmacological view. During the study pharmacological approach to the problem of comorbidity among patients with chronic pancreatitis was analyzed. A survey among doctors and pharmacists was used during the research along with normative and legal, documentary, retrospective, bibliographic, systemic, forensic-pharmaceutical, sociological (questionnaire survey), comparative, graphic, mathematical analysis methods. The most common comorbid diseases that patients suffer from alongside with chronic pancreatitis were highlighted. Authors came to conclusion, that development of safe and affordable pharmaceutical therapy for patients with chronic pancreatitis and comorbidity is very important.

Semenenko I. V.

Treatment of non-motor disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress (PS) is an important component of comprehensive treatment of the disease. This study examined the clinical effectiveness of a non-drug method of bioadaptive management - training based on biological feedback (BFB) in the correction of psychoemotional disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress. Object and methods of research. The study involved 41 patients with infertility and PS aged 22 to 45 years. Group I consisted of 21 women who underwent infertility treatment using in vitro fertilization and biological feedback, group II - 20 women who underwent treatment using in vitro fertilization without biological feedback. All patients were assessed for psychoemotional status on the Beck Depression Scale (BDI-II), tests for Spielberger-Khanin reactive anxiety, assessment of personal anxiety on the 1st day of observation, at the end of the course of BFB - training in group I and after 10±2 days in the comparison group. Results. There was a significant overall improvement in the psycho-emotional state of patients who underwent a full course of BFB - training at the end of therapy (p<0,05). There was a statistically significant difference between the level of certain psychoemotional disorders (in particular, anxiety, reduced stress resistance) of the studied groups (p<0,05). However, in contrast to group I patients who underwent BOS training, no statistically significant improvement in the psychoemotional status of group II patients during the observation period was found. Conclusions. BFB training can be considered as an appropriate component in the comprehensive treatment of psychoemotional disorders in patients with infertility and prenatal stress.

Iyad Alghzawi

Introduction. Evidence now indicates that inflammation contributes considerably to the initiation and progression of  atherosclerosis and an active inflammatory processes may trigger plaque rupture and enhance the risk of coronary thrombosis leading to a clinical ischemic event. The purpose of this study was to evaluate of white blood cells ratios in patients with ACS in association with arterial hypertension and 2 type Diabetes Mellitus. Material and Methods. In this observational cohort trial we observed of 184 patients with ACS. All patients were randomized into four groups: 1st group - 42 patients with ACS without AH or DM; 2nd group – 56 patients with ACS and previous AH; 3rd group – 42 patients with ACS and 2 type DM; and 4th group – 44 patients with ACS and AH and DM. We studied of leukocytes count and their subpopulation ratios: neutrophils to lymphocytes ratio (NLR), neutrophils to monocytes ratio (NMR), neutrophils to lymphocytes+monocytes ratio (N/LMR), lymphocytes to monocytes ratio (NMR). Results. The mean white blood cells count was significant higher in patients with ASC, compared with control group (p<0.001). In patients with ACS the elevated NMR and NLR were observed: 15.04±1.28 vs 11.09±0.43 in control group (p<0.05), and 3.34±0.20 vs 2.60±0.06 (p<0.05), respectively. No significant differences between WBC ratios were revealed in observed patients with ACS with or without AH and/or DM. Conclusion. ACS is characterized of raised NLR and NMR which could be indicators of poor prognosis.

Andriy Gudzenko ◽  
Valentyn Shapovalov ◽  
Valeriy Shapovalov ◽  
Viktoriya Shapovalova

The article presents the results of the research from position of forensic pharmacy concerning analysis of complaints about the pharmaceutical provision for privileged categories of patients in Ukraine. Analyzed world experience of the reimbursement system (reference pricing) in pharmaceutical provision for privileged categories of citizens comparing to existing system in Ukraine. Studied complaints of privileged contingents of patients concerning pharmaceutical supply in various health care facilities. Based on results created a matrix of complaints of privileged contingents of patients regarding unsatisfactory pharmaceutical provision. Based on the matrix of complaints, three regional lists of drugs were developed with the further development of organizational and legal measures to increase the level of pharmaceutical provision of privileged contingents of patients.

Ivasivka K. P. ◽  
Paltov E. V. ◽  
Masna Z. Z.

In our work we aimed to conduct a fundamental study of the process of morphological disorganization of the structural components of the mucous membrane and cartilage of the larynx at the end of the seventh day of experimental opioid effects at the microstructural level. This information in the future will allow to form a pathomorphological base, which will be used to compare the components of the mucous membrane and cartilage of the larynx in the norm with the dynamics of their changes as a result of experimental opioid effects at different times.

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