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Religions ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 72
Marcin Wnuk

The aim of the study was to assess the psychometric properties of the employee spirituality scale. The employee spirituality scale was found to be a reliable measure with good internal consistency. The internal consistency of this instrument, measured with Cronbach’s α coefficient, was 0.94. Factor analysis confirmed the two-dimensional structure of this measure, the dimensions being: relationship to a Higher Power (God) and attitude towards workmates and employer. A statistically significant positive correlation was found between employee spirituality and job satisfaction, as well as age, and a negative correlation was found with their intent to leave their organization. According to expectation, the relationship to a Higher Power (God) as a religious dimension of employee spirituality was strong, positively related to religious practices and attitude towards workmates and employer, and a secular dimension of employee spirituality did not correlate with religious measures. Gender did not differentiate participants in terms of employee spirituality. The presented results provide evidence that the employee spirituality scale has good psychometric properties and is therefore recommended for use by researchers studying employee spirituality in Polish organizations.

2022 ◽  
Weimin Yu ◽  
Rongping Wang ◽  
Rongyun Linghu ◽  
Jiawei Liang ◽  
Qiqi Hu ◽  

In this study, Shewanella oneidensis MR-1, an iron (Fe)-reducing bacterium, was inoculated to a red soil, which was then incubated. Soil samples were taken regularly to analyse the variation of iron oxides and phosphorus (P) fractions. The results showed that the MR-1 inoculation increased the content of the free iron oxides, but decreased the activity of the iron oxides in the soil, and had no significant influence on the amorphous iron oxides. The MR-1 inoculation increased the resin-P and residual-P, decreased the NaHCO<sub>3</sub>-extracted inorganic P (NaHCO<sub>3</sub>-P<sub>i</sub>) and NaOH-extracted inorganic P (NaOH-P<sub>i</sub>), but did not significantly influence the diluted HCl-extracted inorganic P (D.HCl-P<sub>i</sub>) and concentrated HCl-extracted inorganic P (C.HCl-P<sub>i</sub>). The presence of MR-1 influenced the correlation between the free iron oxides and NaOH-P<sub>i</sub>. In the CK where deactivated MR-1 was applied, there was a significant positive correlation between the free iron oxides and the NaOH-P<sub>i</sub>; in the treatment with the live MR-1 inoculation, there was no correlation between them. In addition, there was a significant positive correlation between the free iron oxides and the C.HCl-P<sub>i</sub>, and there was a significant negative correlation between the NaHCO<sub>3</sub>-P<sub>i</sub>, resin-P, and residual-P. Therefore, the MR-1 inoculation improved the P availability by decreasing the activity of the iron oxides and consequently improved the P use efficiency in the red soil.

2022 ◽  
Vol 24 (1) ◽  

To quantify the effect of meteorological parameters on incidence of Karnal bunt in wheat crop, an investigation was done using 9 to 12 season’s data of Bathinda and Ludhiana stations of Punjab. Maximum temperature during March in range of 25-31oC, minimum temperature of February (8.5-11.0oC), morning and evening relative humidity of March in range of 85-95 and 40-60 per cent respectively, rainfall more than 25 mm with sunshine hours 5.5-9.0 hrs/day during mid February to mid March favour Karnal bunt in wheat crop. Maximum temperature of March showed significant negative correlation with incidence of Karnal bunt whereas minimum temperature of February showed significant positive correlation with disease incidence at both locations. Morning and evening relative humidity showed significant positive correlation with disease incidence. Rain amount and rainy days during mid February to mid March significantly influenced disease incidence. Sunshine hours had negative correlation with disease incidence. Backward multiple linear regression (BMLR) analysis indicated maximum temperature, rainfall and sunshine hours play significant role in Karnal bunt incidence at Ludhiana. However, at Bathinda, maximum temperature, evening time relative humidity, rain amount and rainy days played significant role.

2022 ◽  
Honnakerappa S Ballari ◽  
Shashikant Shiddappa Udikeri ◽  
Vinay Kalia

The prominence of Helicoverpaarmigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) averse insecticide resistance was traversed in the course of 2017 in Karnataka, India. The results divulged typical resistance level prostrating in selected newer insecticides, even though exiguous higher resistance airing in insect growth regulator Novaluranwith LC 50 of and 13.02 to 18.07 ppm and 1.17 to 1.95 folds resistance) compared to newer group insecticides Spinasad, Indoxacarb, Flubendiamide, and Rynaxypyr (3.57 to 10.19 ppm, 1.01 to 1.27 fold). Raichur and Kalaburgi strains comprehend higher resistance to Novaluran and newer insecticides with exception of Flubendiamide (Raichur and Vijayapura strains), respectively, and Spinosad (Kalaburgi and Raichur strains), respectively. The morphometric parameters of larval length, pupal length, and weight were most in RCH stain (2.75 cm, 1.76.18 cm, and 0.511 g, 0.309 g) respectively, which was pursued by Kalaburgi strain. The morphometric correlation revealed that larval length was a significant positive relation with insecticide resistance which might be an influence of resistance but not merely responsible. Among newer insecticides, a significant positive correlation between Rynaxypyr and Indoxacarb was evident, similarly, Nuvaluran with Indoxacarb and Rynaxypyr as well. Usage pattern revealed that 81.67 % of farmers found to use insecticides more than the recommended dose and 70.83% have habit consecutive applications of products from the same chemical group which bears witness to developing resistance.

2022 ◽  
pp. 003022282110659
Songul Duran ◽  
Selda Polat

This study examined nurses’ attitudes towards death, anxiety levels, and socio-demographic characteristics affecting their attitudes towards death. Three hundred and eighty-four nurses participated in the study. A questionnaire form, the Death Attitude Profile-Revised (DAP-R), and the Penn State Worry Questionnaire were applied to the nurses. Nurses’ attitudes towards death were positive and their level of fear of death was low. Approach acceptance was high in younger ones; the escape acceptance score was higher in single ones. The neutral acceptance score was higher in those who received training on death. A statistically significant positive correlation was found between nurses' anxiety level and escape acceptance score. There was a statistically significant positive correlation between the length of working years of nurses and the escape acceptance and approach acceptance. Nurses should be prepared for and supported on death with in-service training. It will be useful to provide these training programs to nursing students during their education process.

Hand F Mahmoud ◽  
Hebatullah EMZ Elmedany

Introduction: Fall is considered by far one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the elderly population. Fall is almost always multifactorial. This study looks into the relation between different comorbidities, polypharmacy and falls.Methods: A descriptive and prospective study, the study population comprised 150 elderly patients aged > 60 years old, males and females, patients with previous history of falls are excluded. Comorbidity burden, polypharmacy and risk of falls were assessed.Results and Discussion: There was a significant positive correlation between Number of comorbidities, medications and risk of falls and there was a significant association between high risk of falls and presence of DM, PVD, OLD CVA and UI. Also, there was a significant positive correlation between age and risk of falls.Conclusion: Multiple comorbidities, polypharmacy and increasing age increase risk of falls.International Journal of Human and Health Sciences Vol. 06 No. 01 January’22 Page: 75-79

2022 ◽  
Vol 04 (01) ◽  
pp. 718-728
Kamilia RADI

The study deals with the effect of combining games in teaching on the ‎academic achievements in the subject of multiplication in mathematics. The ‎teaching games discussed by the study are: "Social Interaction Assistance" ‎and "Stay in a Movement Learning Activity" of a teaching game, aimed at ‎improving any behavior that is aimed at the purpose of study‏.‏ The study involved 50 students from the same grade (third grade) who had ‎once participated in control groups (regular learning) without any use of ‎games) and once in an experimental group (using games in teaching) and then ‎found that the group that experienced learning with the help of teaching ‎games, reached higher and clearer achievements in the field of multiplication ‎compared to the control group. And also, it emerged from the study that ‎there is a significant positive correlation between the variables of teaching ‎games and the improvement in academic achievement.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 01-04
Taruna ◽  
Sandeep Singh ◽  

The present study has been conducted on the youth (N=200) of age group 18-24 years to find the role of the character strengths of gratitude and hope in their psychological well-being. Gratitude and hope have been assessed using the Value in Action Inventory of Strengths (Peterson and Seligman, 2004), and psychological well-being has been assessed using the Psychological Well-Being Scale by Carol Ryff (1989). The data has been analyzed by using Pearson correlation and linear regression. The findings depict a significant positive correlation of gratitude and hope with the psychological well-being of youth. Also, the regression analysis establishes the significant and positive role of gratitude and hope in predicting the psychological well-being of youth.

Neng Rosita Dewi ◽  
Argan Gani Asalam

In Indonesia, the largest income is through taxes to finance various state needs. Especially in the APBN, there is an important role that is owned by taxes, but tax revenues in the APBN in Indonesia have not been maximized. With not maximal tax revenue in Indonesia, discipline, awareness and compliance of taxpayers is very much needed to comply with applicable tax obligations. The purpose of this research is to be able to see the effect of socialization, sanctions, e-filing system, tariffs and quality of tax services on the compliance of individual UMKM taxpayers. This research uses quantitative primary data techniques. The population in this research is individual UMKM taxpayers registered at (KPP) Pratama Cimahi 2020 using convenience sampling and the sample used is 100 samples. This research uses a questionnaire with a Likert scale of 1-5 as the collection method. This research was analyzed using descriptive statistical analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. The results in this research state that socialization, sanctions, e-filing system, tariffs and quality of tax service services simultaneously (simultaneously) have a significant correlation to taxpayer compliance. In addition, the variables of socialization, sanctions and tariffs separately (partial) have a significant positive correlation with taxpayer compliance, but the variables of the e-filing system and service quality of the tax authorities separately (partial) do not have a significant correlation with taxpayer compliance

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (4) ◽  
pp. 184-189
Ling-Ling Fan ◽  
Jian Gao ◽  
Lun Liu ◽  
Rong-Feng Liao ◽  

AIM: To evaluate the influence of pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) on ocular surface using Keratograph 5M. METHODS: Totally 30 consecutive patients (30 eyes) undergoing primary 23-gauge PPV were recruited in the study. Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) questionnaire was performed. Ocular surface parameters, including tear meniscus height (TMH), noninvasive tear break up time (NITBUT) and bulbar redness score were obtained preoperatively, in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12wk postoperatively by Keratograph 5M. Correlations between all the clinical parameters were analyzed further. RESULTS: The percentages of both photophobia and gritty within 4wk after PPV were significantly higher than pre-operation, while they decreased to the preoperative levels in both 8wk and 12wk postoperatively. The percentage of sore eyes in the first week postoperatively was significantly higher than pre-operation, but there were no significant differences between the percentages of pre-operation and 2, 4, 8, and 12wk postoperatively. OSDI score increased significantly within 4wk postoperatively, but it returned to the preoperative level in 8 and 12wk. TMH increased with 2wk postoperatively, but there were no significant differences compared with preoperation. Both NITBUT-first and NITBUT-average shortened significantly within 8 weeks postoperatively, but they gradually improved to the preoperative levels in 12wk. Bulbar redness score was significantly higher than the preoperative level within 4wk postoperatively, but it returned to the preoperative level in 8wk. NITBUT-first and NITBUT-average had a significant positive correlation at each visit. TMH had a significant positive correlation with NITBUT-average in the first week postoperatively. CONCLUSION: Keratograph 5M can provide a reliable noninvasive method to assess the influence of PPV on the ocular surface. PPV may cause various changes in both symptoms and signs of ocular surface damages at the early stage, while all these changes will return to preoperative levels gradually in 12wk postoperatively.

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