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2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 012-018
Sergiy Prosyanyi ◽  
Andrii Borshuliak ◽  
Yulia Horiuk

The purpose of our research was to test the therapeutic efficacy of the acaricide «Simparica®» in combination with the biostimulator «Catosal» and the hepatoprotector «Tioprotectin» for demodicosis in dogs in the conditions of veterinary clinics in the Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. The study has been performed on dogs of different genders, ages and breeds that had a generalized form of demodicosis (affected at least 6 areas on the body of animals), to test the effectiveness of this drug in different treatment schemes. Acarological studies of scrapings from the skin of experimental animals for the presence of live or dead mites Demodex canis or their eggs have been carried out by the vital method according to D.O. Pryselkova. As a result of the conducted researches the choice of acaricidal drugs and development of complex therapeutic measures for demodicosis of dogs has been experimentally substantiated. The drug «Simparica®» has proved to be quite effective against demodicosis of dogs, even with a single use. The dependence of the effectiveness of the use of prolonged acaricide «Simparica®» on clinical forms of demodicosis has been shown. The absolute therapeutic effect of acaricide is obtained in the scaly form of demodicosis. However, in pustular and mixed clinical forms of demodicosis, its effectiveness decreased to 71.4 and 57.1%, respectively. In combination with the drug of pathogenetic therapy «Catosal» for pustular and mixed forms of demodicosis, the therapeutic efficacy of the drug «Simparica®» increases to 85.7%. When added to the scheme of hepatoprotector “Thioprotectin”, it is possible to achieve 100% therapeutic effect in pustular forms of demodicosis. However, in severe mixed form of demodicosis, the effectiveness was not absolute and was only 85.7%. In case of generalized demodicosis of dogs, regardless of clinical forms, it is recommended to use the acaricide «Simparica®» in combination with the drug «Catosal» and in the combination of «Catosal» and «Thioprotectin».

Cristina Gasparik ◽  
Horațiu Alexandru Colosi ◽  
Bianca Elena Varvara ◽  
Alexandru Grațian Grecu ◽  
Alexandra Iulia Aghiorghiesei ◽  

Dyschromic lesions (DLs) of tooth enamel are common disorders, with multiple etiologies and various clinical forms, that raise public health concerns. This study aimed to determine the factors that influence the perception of DLs and to assess the perceived need for dental treatment in various clinical cases. A paper-based questionnaire with attached images of frontal teeth exhibiting different DLs was distributed to patients, dental students, and dentists. A total of 383 volunteers participated in this study, and their answers were statistically described and analyzed. This study found that in cases with multiple, well-demarcated areas of opacities associated with diffuse opacities on neighboring teeth, most respondents noticed and reported only the most severe lesions, disregarding the minor ones. The contrast of the lesion with the color of the substrate influenced the overall perception and a significant correlation between these two variables was found. However, the color of the DLs did not significantly impact the overall perception of the lesions. A higher overall perception of DLs was significantly correlated with a favorable opinion regarding the need for treatment. Furthermore, gender and medical background were significantly associated with the overall perception of DLs.

Eva Giné ◽  
Fátima de la Cruz ◽  
Ana Jiménez Ubieto ◽  
Javier López Jimenez ◽  
Alejandro Martín García-Sancho ◽  

PURPOSE The need for an individualized management of indolent clinical forms in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) is increasingly recognized. We hypothesized that a tailored treatment with ibrutinib in combination with rituximab (IR) could obtain significant responses in these patients. METHODS This is a multicenter single-arm, open-label, phase II study with a two-stage design conducted in 12 Spanish GELTAMO sites ( identifier: NCT02682641 ). Previously untreated MCL patients with indolent clinical forms defined by the following criteria were eligible: no disease-related symptoms, nonblastoid variants, Ki-67 < 30%, and largest tumor diameter ≤ 3 cm. Both leukemic non-nodal and nodal subtypes were recruited. Patients received ibrutinib 560 mg once daily and a total of eight doses of rituximab 375 mg/m2. Ibrutinib could be discontinued after 2 years in the case of sustained undetectable minimal residual disease (MRD). The primary end point was the complete response (CR) rate achieved after 12 cycles according to Lugano criteria. RESULTS Fifty patients with MCL (male 66%; median age 65 years) were enrolled. After 12 cycles of treatment, 42 (84%; 95% CI, 74 to 94) patients had an overall response, including 40 (80%; 95% CI, 69 to 91) with CR. Moreover, undetectable MRD in peripheral blood was achieved in 87% (95% CI, 77 to 97) of cases. At 2 years, 24 of 35 evaluable patients (69%) could discontinue ibrutinib because of undetectable MRD. Four patients had disease progression; three were non-nodal MCL and carried high genomic complexity and TP53 mutations at enrollment. No unexpected toxicity was seen except one patient with severe aplastic anemia. CONCLUSION Frontline IR combination achieves a high rate of CRs and undetectable MRD in indolent clinical forms of MCL. Discontinuation seems appropriate in cases with undetectable MRD, except for TP53-mutated cases.

2022 ◽  
Vol 20 (6) ◽  
pp. 37-55
I. N. Protasova ◽  
I. V. Feldblium ◽  
N. V. Bakhareva ◽  
O. P. Ovchinnikova ◽  
S. V. Domracheva

Relevance. Pneumococcal disease remains an urgent public health problem, despite mass immunization of infants and young children. The impact of children’s universal vaccination on the morbidity and etiological structure in various clinical forms of infection remains unclear in children and adults. Аim. Тo evaluate the herd effect of children’s mass immunization with a 13-valent conjugated pneumococcal vaccine. Materials and Methods. The prophylactic efficacy of mass vaccination is studied within comparative retrospective epidemiological analysis of incidence rates and etiological structure of bacterial meningitis, ear diseases and mastoiditis, and community-acquired pneumonia in children and adults of Krasnoyarsk region in the pre- and post-vaccination periods, according to the official statistics and microbiological monitoring. Results. The changes in decrease of incidence rates with all clinical forms of pneumococcal infection except community-acquired pneumonia are revealed both in children and adults during mass immunization. Etiological structure changes and also changes of S. pneumoniae serotype distribution are detected in major clinical forms of infection. Conclusion. Reducing the incidence rates in children is determined predominantly by vaccinal prevention. The observed decrease of incidence rates in adults is the result of reducing the number of pneumococcal infection sources among children (herd immunity).

Маргарита Александровна Агапова ◽  
Дмитрий Юрьевич Харитонов ◽  
Ирина Владимировна Корытина ◽  
Анна Владимировна Подопригора

Дети с острыми формами лимфаденитов челюстно-лицевой области составляют большую часть пациентов поликлиник и профильных стационаров. Зачастую они имеют недооцененную клиническую картину, общее состояние, распространенность и динамику острого воспалительного процесса, требуя хирургического вмешательства. Допущенные ошибки приводят к удлинению сроков лечения и иногда угрозе для жизни. Для раннего выявления показаний для госпитализации и помощи практикующим врачам в алгоритме действий проведен анализ случаев острых лимфаденитов лица и шеи в детском возрасте. На основе ретроспективных данных осуществлена систематизация лимфаденитов челюстно-лицевой области по клиническим формам и распределении частоты встречаемости, возрасту, анатомической принадлежности, выделены основные изменения гематологических показателей. Определена корреляция температурной кривой, этиологические причины возникновения лимфаденитов и основные микробиологические возбудители гнойных форм лимфаденитов лица и шеи у детей. На основании полученных данных нами разработаны и предложены критерии дифференциальной диагностики разных клинических форм лимфаденита, что поможет врачу с постановкой предварительного диагноза, или дифференциальной диагностике, на этапе поликлиники или на догоспитальном приёме. Данные критерии помогут сократить сроки лечения детей в стационаре и не допустить развития тяжелых осложнений Children with acute forms of lymphadenitis of the maxillofacial region make up the majority of patients in polyclinics and specialized hospitals. They often have an underestimated clinical picture, general condition, prevalence and dynamics of an acute inflammatory process, requiring surgical intervention. Mistakes lead to lengthening of treatment and sometimes life-threatening. For early detection of indications for hospitalization and assistance to practitioners in the algorithm of actions, an analysis of cases of acute lymphadenitis of the face and neck in childhood was carried out. On the basis of retrospective data, the systematization of lymphadenitis of the maxillofacial region by clinical forms and distribution of frequency of occurrence, age, anatomical affiliation was carried out, the main changes in hematological parameters were highlighted. The correlation of the temperature curve, the etiological causes of the occurrence of lymphadenitis and the main microbiological pathogens of purulent forms of lymphadenitis of the face and neck in children were determined. Based on the data obtained, we have developed and proposed criteria for the differential diagnosis of various clinical forms of lymphadenitis, which will help the doctor with a preliminary diagnosis, or differential diagnosis, at the stage of the polyclinic or at the pre-hospital admission. These criteria will help to shorten the period of hospital treatment for children and prevent the development of severe complications

Kh. M. Vakhitov ◽  
I. N. Serdinskaya ◽  
T. G. Malanicheva

For 10 years the authors analyzed 165 clinical cases of children with atopic dermatitis, which manifested in the first year of life. According to the 10-year follow-up, the authors revealed different outcomes of the disease, depending on the severity of the course, clinical forms of dermatitis and the timing of its onset. Favorable outcome with complete remission was observed in 30.9% of cases and was more common in children with a mild course of atopic dermatitis, acute exudative forms and with the onset of the disease at the age over 6 months. The transition to chronic forms was noted in 14.5% of cases and more often took place in children with a moderate severe course of the disease, erythematous-squamous forms and the onset of the disease at the age of 4–6 months. The development of respiratory forms of allergy (allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma) was noted in 54.6% of cases and was more often detected in patients with a moderate severe and severe atopic dermatitis, erythematous-squamous forms and exudative forms with lichenification and onset of the disease in the first 3 months of life.

Mariem Rekik ◽  
Khadija Sellami ◽  
mariem Amouri ◽  
Saadia Makni ◽  
Naourez Gouiaa ◽  

Various clinical forms of cutaneous leishmaniasis can be encountered such as: ulcerated, lupoïd, sporotrichoïd and other rare forms (eczematiform, erysipeloid, psoriasiform, verrucous, and pseudotumoral). We report an atypical presentation. Dermatologists should be aware when facing a verrucous mass, especially if the patient comes from an endemic country.

2021 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Estela Morales Peralta ◽  
Yaíma Zúñiga Rosales ◽  
Teresa Collazo Mesa ◽  
Elvia Nelmi Santos González ◽  
Yadira Hernández Pérez ◽  

Abstract Purpose To determine the relationship between the genotypes of the TaqI polymorphism of VDR gene and the clinical forms of COVID-19 in Cuban patients. Methods TaqI polymorphism was determined by the PCR in 104 Cuban patients, who suffered different clinical forms of COVID-19. Results There was a greater possibility of presenting symptomatic forms [OR = 2.081, 95% CI: 0.243–17.842], even severe [OR = 1.200, 95% CI: 0.217–6.638], related to the tt genotype. Conclusion There are signs of association between the risk of developing COVID-19 and the genotypes of the TaqI polymorphism of the VDR gene in the studied Cuban patients.

Valentyna Synytsia ◽  
Olena Myronyk ◽  
Mariia Teslenko

The article is studied for the first time status of terminological phrases with the basic sema "Erythema" in the structure of the Latin medical terminology.Verbal codification of the selected is traced terminological phrases in modern medical encyclopedic dictionaries. Carried out etymological, morphological, syntactic analysis of binary attributive components of functioning terminological phrases in medical oral and written discourse. Methods research. In the study, the method of continuous sampling, which allowed the selection of actual material; descriptive the method by which the inventory and internalinterpretation of selected terminological phrases; structural method for establishing connections and relationships between linguistic elements. Conclusions. According to the study found that the attributive component in the structure of binary terminological phrases with the basic sema "erythema"outlines the etiological sign, symptoms of the disease, form, consequence, clinical expressiveness, ie, attributive component in each case carries outclassification detail of the denoted phenomenon and thus contributes to the specification of clinical forms of erythema and allows avoid misunderstandings when making a diagnosis. Predominant most terminological phrases with sema "Erythema" consists of binary terminological phrases, formed according to the scheme Subst. nom. sing. + Adject. nom. sing .; model formation of terminological phrases according to the scheme Subst. nom. sing. + Subst. gen. sing./gen. plur. is unproductive; terminological phrases using prepositions refer to unproductive model of term formation.

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