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Updated Friday, 15 October 2021

Ali Asghar Ahmadishokouh ◽  
Fatemeh Samadi

Teachers play an important role in the implementation of Computer Assisted Language Learning(CALL) into language classes and their attitudes have proved to be significant predictors of using technology in their classes. In other words, Teachers’ attitudes are considered as a major factor that influences the use of new technologies in the educational settings. Thus, their attitudes toward computer can play an important role in the acceptance and actual use of technology in teaching in general and language teaching in particular. A review of the literature shows many examples of student voice reports, but not enough studies have conducted on teachers’ attitudes towards CALL. This study was an attempt to address the possible differences between the English and Russian language teachers' attitudes towards incorporating CALL  into their teaching professions. To this end a number of 53 English teacher and 52 Russian language teachers participated in the study. They were asked to fill  the  E & L teachers' attitude toward CALL questionnaire.The collected data was analyzed using SPSS 22 through running independent sample T- test. The result indicated that there is a significant difference between English and Russian teachers' attitude towards CALL. Moreover, it was concluded that English language teachers have more positive views towards incorporating CALL into their teaching.

Joan Natasya Lambe ◽  
Ariani Widayanti ◽  
Suprihati Suprihati

This study describes how the concept of personal branding content creator Jenda Munthe is constructed through the #tanyajawabJenda content on his Instagram account. The results of this study will provide an understanding of the construction of personal branding in Instagram social media content, through case studies conducted on efforts to establish personal branding content creator Jenda Munthe. From the results of the analysis conducted using eight personal branding concepts from Montoya & Vendehey (2002) in this study, proves that Jenda Munthe has succeeded in building his personal branding well, fulfilling the eight concepts. Of the eight concepts, Jenda Munthe's personal branding is most strongly supported by the concept of The law of specialization, The law of unity, The law of persistence and The law of goodwill. These four concepts make Jenda Munthe's personal branding through the content of #tanyajawabJenda, known as an angry content creator with a regional Batak accent, easily accepted by Instagram social media users. Jenda Munthe's personal branding through his Instagram content has finally opened up new career opportunities for Jenda Munthe as a content creator who previously worked as a Criminology Journalist. The phenomenon that occurred in Jenda Munthe provides a reality finding  that to become a content creator, a personal branding concept is needed through content on a media, such as Instagram social media. This research uses qualitative research methods, with the type of case study research and qualitative descriptive research type.

Bambang S. Irianto ◽  
Made Warka ◽  
Otto Yudianto

For law enforcement in the IEEZ in the context of Indonesia's national interest in the marine sector, the Indonesian Navy, the Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla), and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) have carried out the execution of the sinking of foreign fishing vessels caught carrying out illegal fishing practices in the territorial waters Indonesia. This policy is intended as a stern warning to the perpetrators of illegal fishing as well as a form of Indonesia's commitment in monitoring and enforcing the law in Indonesian marine areas, which will continue to be carried out in order to have a deterrent effect on the perpetrators. However, the act of catching foreign fishing vessels is carried out, still based on the applicable rules and regulations, as well as the fulfillment of sufficient initial evidence.  Sufficient preliminary evidence to arrest a foreign-flagged fishing vessel is evidence that suspects a criminal act in the field of fisheries by a foreign-flagged fishing vessel.

Suharmi Suharmi ◽  
Hilyati Milla ◽  
Bahrin Bahrin

Someone who continues his studies is something that needs to be done in achieving his goals. A person in continuing his studies at a higher level is influenced by various factors including work expectations and the environment. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to determine the effect of work expectations and family environment on the interest in continuing postgraduate education (S2) in economic education students. The methodology of this research is ex-post facto with a quantitative approach. Respondents in this research were students of economic education at the University of Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB) class of 2016 which amounted to 60 students who were taken with a total sampling technique. Methods of data analysis using multiple regression. The results of the research are as follows: 1). Work expectations have a positive and significant effect on interest in continuing postgraduate education (S2), 2). Family environment has a positive and significant effect on interest in continuing postgraduate education (S2), and 3). Work expectations and family environment together affect the interest in continuing postgraduate education (S2) by 30.60% and 69.40% influenced by variables outside this research.

Nazaruddin Lathif ◽  
Suhermanto Suhermanto ◽  
Mustika Mega Wijaya ◽  
Sapto Handoyo Dp

Regional taxes and levies are part of the source of Regional Original Income or better known as (PAD), which is a regional asset that is part of the income of a region. The type of research used in this legal research is empirical normative legal research, namely research based on primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials with interpretation and systematization between laws and regulations. it is necessary to adjust the retribution rate, especially regarding the general service retribution regarding cleaning/waste services. This is as explained in Article 155 paragraph (1) of Law Number 28 of 2009 concerning Regional Taxes and Regional Levies, which states that the Levy Tariff is reviewed at the latest every 3 (three) years. So here it is very clear for Regional Regulations that many regions have not updated their rules, and are expected to be re-evaluated due to economic developments and also the price index.

Mohammad-Mahdi Shahmoradi Fereidouni ◽  
Kothar Ranjbari

The present article tries to answer this question: From the point of view Qur’an, what are the factors that develop safety? The Qur’an is a book that guides and expresses all the things that have been revealed from God for the benefit and inquest of human beings. This research has used the Qur’an and thematic analysis method has been used to analyze the data. Thematic analysis is one of the common and efficient methods in qualitative research, converting diverse and scattered data into strong and formal data. After the inquiry, 21 safety factors were identified, which are divided into two parts: personal and institutional. The findings of this study show that the most important personal factors found are ritual and moral-psychological factors, and the most important institutional factors are political and social factors.

Iswahyuni Iswahyuni ◽  
Subakdi Subakdi ◽  
Angela Efianda

UPN “Veteran” Jakarta is a university that has fulfilled the requirements on consideration of becoming a state-owned university as proposed by the Ministry of Culture and Education. Out of three considerations for the conversion of private university to a state university, the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta has fulfilled two considerations. Which is that the UPN “Veteran” Jakarta has something novel that can’t be offered by any other universities as the university based on state defense ideas. State defense is an effort by every citizen in defending its nation, where it’s realized in form of patriotism and willingness to sacrifice. Leadership in general terms are the ability or the capability to influence others in order to achieve a certain goal. It is a trait innate in every leader which constituted of: personality, capability, and willingness. Leadership is a sequence of activities done by the leader that can’t be separated from its position, style, and the attitude of said leader. As well as their interaction with the followers and the situation related to. Based on the stated background our team will resume the research by exploring further how urgent it is the value of state defense in enacting the leadership role.

Yohanes Don Bosco Watu

The type of research used in this research is normative legal research. So, in fact, the principle of proportionality is an alternative solution for electronic brand rights holders (e-commerce), which provides legal protection based on the first to file principle system given to registered trademark rights holders who have good intentions, are preventive or repressive.  On the other hand, it’s necessary to guarantee legal certainty to be able to provide accountability when there are ties or agreements in electronic business transactions in the field of trade and other trading businesses, so as to guarantee a sense of security and comfort in investing and doing business in the world of digitalization and e-commerce.

Fatemeh Karimi ◽  
Mohammad Ali Ardebili

Despite the fact that crime and punishment are personal, in answer to the question of whether other persons besides the perpetrators of the crime are responsible? According to the circumstances, a positive answer can be given. Over time, with the qualitative growth of laws, Vicarious liability was formed. Until 2013, the criminal liability of legal entities existed exceptionally in scattered laws. Legal doctrine has proposed different theories in this regard, which in general can be divided into two categories: "Fault doctrine" and " Risk doctrine ". Iranian law, according to the votes of the courts before and after the Islamic Revolution, is more inclined to the first theory; At the same time, in a few votes, the opposite opinion can be seen. The purpose of this study is to investigate the status of the principle of criminal liability due to other behavior in Iranian law which is obtained based on the method of describing and analyzing legal materials and judicial opinions.

Kamoliddin Murodillayevich Shodmonqulov

This article examines the role and importance of competition in the development of small industrial zones from a scientific and theoretical point of view, in which the important aspects of the development of economic zones through investment are discussed in detail.

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