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2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 53
Rofiqoh Dewi ◽  
Wiwi Verina ◽  
Muhammad Barkah Akbar

Graphic Design is currently one of the few software that has been widely used for the development of knowledge because it is very easy to use in various aspects of work. Jobs by utilizing graphic design have a very large opportunity to be used by students with the current pandemic conditions, because apart from being easy to use in basic work for students, many social media users such as Instagram and Facebook want good Instagram and Facebook feeds. For this reason, it is inevitable that many social media users need photo editing services such as graduation photo editing and travel photo editing so that it can be used as a business opportunity among students to take the job because the work can be done anywhere with easily accessible tools. In today's world of work, if human resources (HR) do not have additional abilities or skills, it will be difficult to compete in obtaining work. Through this introduction, students are also expected to get to know the tools that exist in Photoshop software. With the introduction of Photoshop, it is hoped that it can provide new insights and knowledge to the students of Budi Agung Medan Private High School about making graphic design as a business opportunity.

2021 ◽  
Vol 05 (04) ◽  
Ngoc Binh Nguyen ◽  
Kim Anh Le ◽  
Quang Dat Truong

Backgrounds: Physical violence in schools is a fairly common problem in Vietnam. However, current studies pay little attention to violence in private schools. Objectives: The study aims to estimate the prevalence and related sociodemographic factors of school physical violence among students at Hiep Hoa 5 private high school in Bac Giang province in Northern Vietnam. Methods: This was a school-based cross-sectional survey using a random sample technique with a multistage process from April to June 2019. Main findings: 412 students participated in the study, and the results indicated that 55/412 (13.3%) students were both perpetrators and victims of school violence. While 16.7% of students performed physical violence, 27.9% of students suffered physical violence by other students in the past six months. Experiencing physical violence was associated with sociodemographic characteristics such as gender, grade, exposure to physical violence in the media, time playing action games and witnessing violent events in the living place... Conclusions: More than 13% of students are perpetrators and victims of physical violence by their peers at a rural private high school. This prevalence is significantly correlated with individual factors. The results suggest that a greater focus on young people's educational activities should be provided to direct their development, including preventing physical violence. Keywords: Physical violence, high school students, perpetrators and victims.

Melchie Palmado Veluz

As a result of outbreak and new transition of online education system, the researcher will find-out and determine the relationship of online teaching learning to teacher’s perseverance. To analyze the difficulties and solution on the new normal of education. To be aware to the enhancement and improvement of the online teaching learning. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions; What is the level of online teaching learning among private high school teachers in Lucban, Quezon in terms of; instructional strategies, challenges, support; What is the level of teachers’ perseverance among private high school in Lucban, Quezon in terms of; adaptability of virtual technology, learning interest, motivation; and Is there a significant relationship between online teaching learning and teachers’ perseverance among private high school in Lucban, Quezon? The research design used in this study was descriptive survey method of research. The population of the study was made up of the total population of Private High School Teachers in Lucban, Quezon. Online survey questionnaire were the main instruments used to gather information needed for descriptive presentation of data, weighted mean and standard deviation were used, for the hypothesis presentation of data, the researcher used Pearson r Correlation. Based on the data, it is shown that there is “a partial relationship between online teaching learning and teacher’s perseverance among private high school in Lucban, Quezon” at 0.05 level of significance. It showed that the null hypothesis stating that “There is no significant relationship between online teaching learning and teachers’ perseverance among private high school in Lucban, Quezon” was partially rejected, it could be inferred that there was “significant relationship between them”. Based on the findings and conclusions made, the following recommendations are given; Triangular efforts to be made by the school principal, teachers and students in upgrading the virtual skills of teachers as an intervention perspective as an action plan for them as well for the benefit of the students; Continuous enhancement of training/webinar program on online teaching learning may be conducted for sustainability of the skills of teachers; Continuous support of the administration financially to better equip skills and knowledge for smooth implementation of online teaching learning; and follow – up studies of similar nature and wiser magnitude must made in other areas in Quezon in order to countercheck the veracity of the findings in this study.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
Insook Kwon ◽  
Sunjoo Kang ◽  
Jin Sun Kim

Purpose: This study aimed to analyze how a private high school in Seoul developed and executed a “school disinfection strategy” to ensure the students' right to study in a safe environment, and also to analyze the lessons learned from this process.Methods: This was a case study of school health in a community-based school reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study target was a 64-year-old private high school with 12 classes for each grade with a total of 1,100 students.Results: A “school disinfection strategy” was set up at individual and class environment levels to protect students from the risk of infection. In addition, school health activities were carried out with a “personal protection safety belt” and “community protection safety belt” for effective implementation. To ensure a safe educational environment for high school students and to ensure smooth execution of face-to-face classes (in-person teaching), the “prevention safety belt strategy” was introduced in accordance with governmental guidelines to sequentially implement various preventive measures necessary to guarantee environmental safety of schools. Activating personal prevention safety belts by checking the symptoms of students when entering the school and during each class, and providing self-made disinfectants by spraying alcohol on wet-wipes were cost-effective and sustainable methods used in this school to prevent the spread of infection.Conclusions: The experience of developing a prevention safety belt strategy to adapt the guidelines of the local education office to the school situation was presented. Focusing on the school community, as well as individual students and teachers, the concept of prevention safety belts helped to unite and stimulate voluntary participation of students in health promotion activities.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 171-188
Hasahatan Hutahaean ◽  
Hermanto Sihotang ◽  
Purnamasari Siagian

This study aims to determine how Christian Education (CE) in the family and social environment of students, and its contribution to the formation of student character. The place where the research was carried out was the private high school GKPI Padang Bulan Medan. The study population was 104 people, while the sample was 30 people. The instrument used for this research was a questionnaire. Based on the results of the study, it was found that there was a contribution of CE in the Family to Character Building at the zero level ry1 = 0.510, there was also a contribution between the Student Social Environment (X2) to the Character Building (Y) at the zero level ry2 = 0.411 and there was a joint contribution between CE in the Family and Social Environment of Students on the Formation of Student Character (1,293). Four characters are described as the character traits of Christianity, namely; Trust completely in God, Not vengeful, Happy to pray, Think rationally. Therefore, parents should continue to provide examples and teaching at home to help shape children's character. Teachers in schools are also to set an example in giving character examples to students.Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana PAK dalam keluarga dan lingkungan pergaulan siswa memberi kontribusi terhadap pembentukan karakter siswa. Tempat penelitian dilakukan di SMA Swasta GKPI Padang Bulan Medan. Populasi penelitian sebanyak 104 orang sedangkan sampel sebanyak 30 orang. Instrumen yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah angket. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian ditemukan adanya kontribusi PAK dalam Keluarga terhadap Pembinaan Karakter pada tingkat nil ry1 = 0,510, terdapat pula kontribusi Lingkungan pergaulan Siswa (X2) terhadap Pembinaan Karakter. (Y) pada taraf nol ry2 = 0,411 dan ada kontribusi bersama PAK dalam Keluarga dan Lingkungan Sosial Siswa terhadap Pembentukan Karakter Siswa (1,293). Empat karakter yang digambarkan sebagai karakter agama Kristen, yaitu; Percaya sepenuhnya pada Tuhan, Tidak dendam, Senang berdoa, Berpikir rasional. Oleh karena itu, orang tua hendaknya terus memberikan teladan dan pengajaran di rumah untuk membantu membentuk karakter anak. Guru di sekolah juga harus memberi contoh dalam memberikan contoh karakter kepada siswa.

Khairunnisa Putri ◽  
Zainuddin Muchtar ◽  
Ayi Darmana

This study aimed to develop an Android-based learning media integrated with a scientific approach to the colligative solution's nature. This study uses the Research and Development (R & D) method with the ADDIE model development stages. The population of the study was all students of class XII SMA using the 2013 curriculum. The sample was class XII SMA Swasta Al - Azhar Medan. The validation of learning media based on Android integrated scientific approach by material experts and media experts obtained a feasibility score of 4.4 and 4.8, respectively. In contrast, the feasibility score by two chemistry teachers received an average value of 4.7. The validation of Android-based learning media integrated with the scientific approach shows that the average score is 4.6, which means that the learning media used has very feasible criteria. Android-based learning media products integrated with the scientific approach were tested on 26 students of class XII at Al-Azhar Medan Private High School. The results showed that the learning media that had been compiled could be used as learning media for the colligative solution's nature.

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