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Edoardo Manarini

The growth of Hucpolding landed possessions in Tuscia is marked by two distinct phases. The first covers the second half of the ninth century, when key elements of their presence included two monasteries in the Florentine area and close relationships with the Adalbertings; the second, the second half of the tenth century after the group achieved the marchisal office, when the full resources of the fisc became available to them. Chapter 5 examines the evolution of parental assets in the march, aligned with the pathway to marchisal authority. It proposes that the marchisal office was fundamental to the expansion of their power in the region – a power that proved transitory, however, after the loss of the public office.

Family Forum ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 ◽  
pp. 15-34
Monika Joanna Kornaszewska-Polak

Abstract The idea of reconciling work with personal life was in its heyday at the turn of the 20th century when people realised that it was impossible to completely separate these inextricably linked spheres of human existence. Neglecting either of them, and not only in the scientific discourse but also in everyday life, is in many aspects detrimental to close relationships and to the performance at work. Nevertheless, a perfect combination of these two dimensions of human activity seems almost unattainable, as a growing number of contemporary studies show. Becoming involved in one entails some negligence in the other. The family context represents a relevant example of the attempts to reach the work-life balance. It is increasingly frequent that the contemporary young adults’ generation prioritise work, individual career, and personal development in their hierarchy of values. They delay their decisions on starting a family, having children, or simply settling down until they have achieved an adequate status and prosperity. Seeking to satisfy the need for close bonds, many young adults engage in only temporary relationships (cohabitation, swingers), but also create substitutes thereof. This generation succumbs to a growing sense of loneliness, despite the fulfilling careers or satisfying material and social statuses.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 01-05
Nadir A Aliyev ◽  
Zafar N Aliyev

Objectives: This study was carried out with the objectives of investigating the relationship between Family relationship and loneliness in adolescents. Accepted children will score less on loneliness. Neglected children will score high on loneliness. Concentrated children score less on loneliness as compare to accepted children. Method: Sample consisted of 150 adolescent selected by purposive sampling technique. The scales employed for data collection were Family Relationship Inventory by Sherry and Sinha and UCLA loneliness (III) Scale by Russell. Hypothesized that accepted children will score less on loneliness as compare to concentrated and neglected. Results: 150 subjects were taken & after scoring those high on accepted, concentrated and neglected were selected to form three groups. Conclusion: Findings indicate that the fundamental cause of loneliness is disconnection. Family support and close relationships with their adult children play a central role in adjusting to a new life and in preventing and/or lessening

2022 ◽  

International investment arbitration remains one of the most controversial areas of globalisation and international law. This book provides a fresh contribution to the debate by adopting a thoroughly empirical approach. Based on new datasets and a range of quantitative, qualitative and computational methods, the contributors interrogate claims and counter-claims about the regime's legitimacy. The result is a nuanced picture about many of the critiques lodged against the regime, whether they be bias in arbitral decision-making, close relationships between law firms and arbitrators, absence of arbitral diversity, and excessive compensation. The book comes at a time when several national and international initiatives are under way to reform international investment arbitration. The authors discuss and analyse how the regime can be reformed and ow a process of legitimation might occur.

Phytotaxa ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 530 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-20

Ephedra aurea, a new species occurring in Sicily, is described and illustrated. Taxonomically, it shows close relationships with Ephedra nebrodensis mainly for the small size with internodes scabrous-wrinkled not fragile at the nodes, but relevant differences regarding the size and shape of twigs, leaves, male and female cones, ovules, seeds, fruiting strobili and pollen grains allow to distinguish very well the two species. Its ecology, conservation status and relationships with other allied Mediterranean species are discussed. 

2021 ◽  
Vol 572-573 (11-12) ◽  
pp. 32-40
Agata Butarewicz-Głowacka ◽  
Anna Chomiuk ◽  
Magdalena Jabłońska

The article is devoted to the functioning of adolescent pupils of the “House of Return” in Białystok. Its aim is to show the experience of growing up in an orphanage from the pupils’ perspective. The first part of the text presents theoretical assumptions regarding the experience of growing up, organization of foster care in Poland, growing up in its institutional form and the process of deinstitutionalization. The second part of the article presents methodological assumptions of the research and the results regarding growing up in institutional foster care. Qualitative research using the method of individual cases was carried out in May 2021 with the charges of the “House of Return” in Białystok. The concept of qualitative data analysis by Matthew B. Miles and A. Michael Huberman was used to analyze the empirical material. In the light of the research, the charges function properly in the care and education centre for children and young people, the experience of growing up in an orphanage is not a trauma for them, but they have difficulties with establishing close relationships, they lack a significant adult, and are also not very self-reliant.

Children ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 26
Maryse Guedes ◽  
Olívia Ribeiro ◽  
Miguel Freitas ◽  
Kenneth H. Rubin ◽  
António J. Santos

Background: Few researchers have examined young adolescents’ perceived qualities and satisfaction in their relationships with their mothers, fathers and best friends simultaneously, using a cross-cultural perspective. This study aimed to compare the perceived qualities and satisfaction of USA and Portuguese adolescents in their relationships with their parents and best friends and to examine the influence of perceived relationship qualities on the satisfaction of young adolescents with their close relationships. Methods: The sample consisted of 347 USA adolescents (170 boys, 177 girls) and 360 Portuguese adolescents (176 boys, 184 girls) who completed the Network of Relationships Inventory Social Provision Version to assess perceived support, negativity, power balance and satisfaction in their relationships with their mothers, fathers and same-sex best friends. Results: Adolescents from both countries perceived their relationships with parents to be more negative and imbalanced in power than their relationships with friends, but the magnitude of differences was greater in the USA. Furthermore, USA adolescents reported higher satisfaction in their relationships with friends than in their relationships with parents. Country differences in the concomitants of relationship satisfaction were found. Conclusions: These findings support the notion that young adolescents’ perceived qualities and satisfaction in close relationships may differ depending on cultural norms.

2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (2) ◽  
pp. 96-106
Saripaini Saripaini

The robo-robo tradition is a traditional ritual carried out by the Sungai Kakap people as an effort to resist danger. This study explored to describe and identify the characteristics of people spirituality in the process of providing assistance through local community traditions. This research was a qualitative research using descriptive method. Data was collected by observing people’s life in the field and interviews. The result revealed that: 1) amongst their existence as human, they had an awareness of the need for the God's help. 2) close to nature and living environment. 3) had close relationships amongst people, social values such as the value of togetherness, the value of sharing and respect, and the value of kinship. 4) The relationship with God in the robo-robo tradition was divided into three groups, namely: first, religious people had faith in Allah SWT, and did not want to involve themselves in the robo-robo tradition. Generally, this group considered this custom to be a deviation in religion. Second, they had faith in Allah SWT, were involved in cultural celebrations but did not believe in the belief traditions developed in these celebrations. Third, they had faith in Allah SWT but also they had faith in other supernatural beings (soul / ancestral soul).

Mi Ok Lee ◽  
Eun Jin Lee ◽  
Mi Hyoung Lee

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the meaning of life in patients with mental illness.Methods: This study used a phenomenological research approach. Subjects were recruited from shared living houses or rehabilitation facilities. Subjects had received treatment for mental illness. An in-depth interview was conducted for data collection from June 2019 to September 2019.Results: Three themes of the meaning of life were identified; 1. discovering their own power to keep away from a shaky life, 2. expanding into a safe relationship, and 3. developing towards a more valuable life.Conclusion: The meaning of life for subjects who experienced mental illness was that they felt helpless in the process of endless mental illness, but they realized the value of accepting the disease and living their daily lives and tried to restore close relationships with people and live the life they desired.

2021 ◽  
pp. 0192513X2110648
Borja Romero-Gonzalez ◽  
Alvaro Lozano-Ruiz ◽  
Jose A. Puertas-Gonzalez ◽  
Carolina Mariño-Narvaez ◽  
Maria Isabel Peralta-Ramirez

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced millions of people to stay confined at home, increasing symptoms of anxiety and stress levels. Women who are also mothers, for their part, not only face the demands of motherhood but must combine working life with family life locked down in their homes. Main objective was to develop an explanatory model of the psychological consequences of COVID-19 and parental and perceived stress in mothers. A total of 261 mothers were evaluated coinciding with the lockdown imposed by the Spanish Government. The model displayed adequate indices and it was found that symptoms of anxiety in mothers increased the levels of perceived stress. The model allows to understand the close relationships between the psychological consequences of lockdown and stress in mothers. Understanding these relationships will help to prepare and direct psychological interventions in this population in the case of a possible new surge.

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