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2022 ◽  
Vol 28 (1) ◽  
pp. 31-33
Xiumei Zhang

ABSTRACT Introduction: Heart rate and blood pressure are important physiological indicators that reflect cardiovascular function, and they are widely used because they are convenient and practical to measure. Objective: To study the characteristics of cardiovascular changes in athletes under different training conditions. Methods: Thirty-four male students majoring in physical education in universities (group A) and 22 male non-sports majors (group B) with no formal training history were randomly selected. Heart rate before and after exercise and heart rate recovery rate at different stages of the recovery period were compared. Results: As regards heart rate changes in the recovery phase after loading, both groups showed a continuous decline, although the drop in heart rate of group A was slightly lower than that of group B (153.03± 15.88 beats/min, dropped to 110.69± 15.78 beats/minute, 171.00± 14.67 beats/minute dropped to 122. 82± 13.77 beats/min, respectively). However, the heart rate recovery rate of group A (59.40%) was significantly higher than that of group B (49.42%) (P<0.05). Conclusions: Physical exercise plays a significant role in promoting physical fitness and its effect on improving cardiovascular function is especially evident. Level of evidence II; Therapeutic studies - investigation of treatment results.

Toxics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 29
Thet Aung ◽  
Inayat Batish ◽  
Reza Ovissipour

This study aimed to determine the microplastic prevalence in eastern oysters (C. virginica) in three sites in the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and optimize the digestion methods. The digestion results illustrate that the lowest recovery rate and digestion recovery were related to enzymatic, enzymatic + hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and HCl 5% treatments, while the highest digestion recovery and recovery rate were observed in H2O2 and basic (KOH) treatments. Nitric acid digestion resulted in satisfying digestion recovery (100%), while no blue polyethylene microplastics were observed due to the poor recovery rate. In addition, nitric acid altered the color, changed the Raman spectrum intensity, and melted polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In order to determine the number of microplastics, 144 oysters with an approximately similar size and weight from three sites, including the James River, York River, and Eastern Shore, were evaluated. Fragments were the most abundant microplastics among the different microplastics, followed by fibers and beads, in the three sites. A significantly higher number of fragments were found in the James River, probably due to the greater amount of human activities. The number of microplastics per gram of oyster tissue was higher in the James River, with 7 MPs/g tissue, than in the York River and Eastern Shore, with 6.7 and 5.6 MPs/g tissue.

Animals ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 143
Marina Bottrel ◽  
Isabel Ortiz ◽  
Manuel Hidalgo ◽  
María Díaz-Jiménez ◽  
Blasa Pereira ◽  

Two prostanglandins (luprostiol, LUP, and dinoprost, DIN) and two ovulation-inducing agents (human Chorionic Gonadotropin, hCG, and deslorelin, DES) were evaluated for luteolysis and estrus induction, and for ovulation induction, respectively, in embryo donor jennies. Twenty-six fertile Andalusian jennies were used. In Experiment 1, jennies (n = 112 cycles) were randomly treated with either LUP or DIN after embryo flushing. In Experiment 2, donors (n = 84 cycles) were randomly treated with either hCG or DES to induce ovulation. No differences were found between prostaglandins for all variables studied (prostaglandin–ovulation interval (POI), interovulatory interval (IOI), embryo recovery rate (ERR), positive flushing rate (PFR) and embryo grade (EG)). The ovulation rate was similar for hCG and DES (60.9% vs. 78.7%). However, the interval to ovulation (ITO) was affected (62.61 ± 7.20 vs. 48.79 ± 2.69 h). None of the other variables studied (ERR, PFR and EG) were affected (p > 0.05), except for embryo quality (p = 0.009). In short, both prostaglandins evaluated are adequate to induce luteolysis and estrus. Both ovulation-inducing agents hastened ovulation, but DES seems to be more effective than hCG. Follicular diameter affected the interval from treatment to ovulation, and high uterine edema was related to low embryo quality.

Nanomaterials ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 197
Wei Du ◽  
Erwang Li ◽  
Runsheng Lin

As an intelligent material, microcapsules can efficiently self-heal internal microcracks and microdefects formed in cement-based materials during service and improve their durability. In this paper, microcapsules of nano-CaCO3/ceresine wax composite shell encapsulated with E-44 epoxy resin were prepared via the melt condensation method. The core content, compactness, particle size distribution, morphologies, chemical structure and micromechanical properties of microcapsules were characterized. The results showed that the encapsulation ability, mechanical properties and compactness of microcapsules were further improved by adding nano-CaCO3 to ceresine wax. The core content, elastic modulus, hardness and weight loss rate (60 days) of nano-CaCO3/ceresine wax composite shell microcapsules (WM2) were 80.6%, 2.02 GPA, 72.54 MPa and 1.6%, respectively. SEM showed that WM2 was regularly spherical with a rough surface and sufficient space inside the microcapsules to store the healing agent. The incorporation of WM2 to mortar can greatly improve the self-healing ability of mortar after pre-damage. After 14 days of self-healing, the compressive strength recovery rate, proportion of harmful pores and chloride ion diffusion coefficient recovery rate increased to 90.1%, 45.54% and 79.8%, respectively. In addition, WM2 also has good self-healing ability for mortar surface cracks, and cracks with initial width of less than 0.35 mm on the mortar surface can completely self-heal within 3 days.

2022 ◽  
Yves Tinda Mangongo ◽  
Joseph-Désiré Kyemba Bukweli ◽  
Justin Dupar Busili Kampempe ◽  
Rostin Matendo Mabela ◽  
Justin Manango Wazute Munganga

Abstract In this paper we present a more realistic mathematical model for the transmission dynamics of malaria by extending the classical SEIRS scheme and the model of Hai-Feng Huo and Guang-Ming Qiu [21] by adding the ignorant infected humans compartment. We analyze the global asymptotically stabilities of the model by the use of the basic reproduction number R_0 and we prove that when R_0≦1, the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable. That is malaria dies out in the population. When R_0>1, there exists a co-existing unique endemic equilibrium which is globally asymptotically stable. The global sensitivity analysis have been done through the partial rank correlation coefficient using the samples generated by the use of latin hypercube sampling method and shows that the most influence parameters in the spread of malaria are the proportion θ of infectious humans who recover and the recovery rate γ of infectious humans. In order to eradicate malaria, we have to decrease the number of ignorant infected humans by testing peoples and treat them. Numerical simulations show that malaria can be also controlled or eradicated by increasing the recovery rate γ of infectious humans, decreasing the number of ignorant infected humans and decreasing the average number n of mosquito bites.

Geofluids ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-15
Yang Liu ◽  
Rui Han ◽  
Songyan Li ◽  
Ishaq Ahmad

To improve the thermal effects of solvents on heavy oil reservoirs and realize the combined action of multiple flooding mechanisms, such as solvent heating and extraction, without steam mixing, based on the M Block heavy oil reservoir in Canada, three sets of comparative hot solvent-assisted gravity drainage experiments under different temperatures and pressures were carried out through an indoor three-dimensional (3D) physical simulation device. The development characteristics of the solvent chamber in the hot solvent-assisted gravity drainage technology were studied under different pressures and temperatures, and the recovery factor, cumulative oil exchange rate, and solvent retention rate were analyzed. The results showed that due to the effect of gravity differentiation, the development morphology of the solvent chamber could be divided into three stages: rapid ascent, lateral expansion, and slow descent. When the temperature was constant, the reservoir pressure decreased, the recovery rate increased, the cumulative oil exchange rate increased, and the solvent retention rate decreased; when the pressure was constant, the temperature increased, the viscosity of heavy oil decreased, the recovery rate increased, the cumulative oil exchange rate increased, and the solvent retention rate was low. Additionally, the study also showed that for hot solvents in different phases, the use of hot solvent vapor not only required less injected solvent but also exhibited a high oil production rate, which shortened production time and reduced energy consumption. Moreover, the oil recovery rate was higher than 60%, the solvent retention rate was lower than 10%, and the cumulative oil exchange rate was higher than 3  t / t , which constituted better economic benefits and provided a reliable theoretical basis for onsite oilfield applications.

2022 ◽  
Rong-ji LIAO ◽  
Mei-xue ZHANG

Abstract BackgroundTo explore the needs of preoperative health education of parents,whose children undergoing day surgery, and to provide reference for nurses to carry out health education. MethodsThe parents whose children undergoing day surgery in Guangzhou Women and Children,s medical center from January 2021 to February 2021 were selected as the research objects. The needs of parents for preoperative health education were investigated by questionnaire, and the needs and satisfaction of parents for the timing, content, ways and push methods of preoperative health education were observed. Results591 questionnaires were distributed and 578 were recovered, with a recovery rate of 97.80%. The results showed that the parents had the highest demand for preoperative health education when they made an appointment for day surgery. The most desired content of health education was admission procedure, and the most desired way to receive health education was through video. The most acceptable push mode was through WeChat official account. Parents' satisfaction with the current health education was 94.64%. ConclusionsThe content of preoperative health education should be formulated according to the needs of parents, whose children undergoing day surgery. The time of providing health education should be moved forward. Health education videos should be given first, combined with a variety of health education methods, and health education videos should be pushed through WeChat official account or WeChat video number, so as to ensure the smooth development of children's day surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 79-85
Alisa Qudrotun Munawaroh ◽  
Endry Nugroho Prasetyo ◽  
Maharani Pertiwi Koentjoro

Fascioliasis is an infection of the trematodes of Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica which causes disease worldwide. This trematode infection commonly attacks ruminants, especially in cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs and humans, as well. This disease can cause significant economic losses in the livestock industry, mainly through death, liver damage, reduced production of meat, milk and wool, and expenses for deworming. Parasitological examination for identification of fasciola infection was carried out by visually observing fecal samples for adult worms and then examined by simple flotation (using saturated NaCl solution) and formalin-ethyl acetate sedimentation techniques. Here, we were systematically reviewed existing knowledge about sensitive and efficient fasciola observation methods for the identification of fasciola species. Four databases of articles that met the inclusion requirements were compiled for the literature review. This article was published between 2015-2020 and reports on the identification of fasciola species using one or a combination of sedimentation and flotation methods. As a result, the combined method of sedimentation and flotation has the best sensitivity and egg recovery rate (Ef) values for fasciola identification.   Abstrak Fascioliasis merupakan infeksi trematoda spesies Fasciola hepatica dan Fasciola gigantica yang menimbulkan penyakit di seluruh dunia. Infeksi trematoda ini umum menyerang ruminansia, terutama pada sapi, kerbau, domba, kambing, babi dan bisa terjadi pada manusia. Penyakit ini dapat menimbulkan kerugian ekonomi yang cukup besar dalam industri ternak, terutama melalui kematian, kerusakan hati, berkurangnya produksi daging, susu, dan wol, dan pengeluaran biaya untuk obat cacing. Pemeriksaan parasitologi untuk identifikasi infeksi fasciola dilakukan dengan mengamati sampel feses secara visual untuk cacing dewasa dan kemudian diperiksa dengan cara flotasi sederhana (menggunakan larutan NaCl jenuh) dan teknik sedimentasi formalin-etil asetat. Disini, kami meninjau secara sistematis pengetahuan yang ada tentang metode pengamatan fasciola yang sensitif dan efisien dalam identifikasi spesies fascioal. Empat data base artikel yang telah memenuhi syarat inklusi disusun untuk tinjauan literature review. Artikel ini terbit antara tahun 2015-2020 dan melaporkan identifikasi spesies fasciola menggunakan salah satu atau gabungan metode sedimentasi dan flotasi. Hasilnya, metode gabungan antara sedimentasi dan flotasi memiliki nilai sensitivitas dan nilai tingkat pemulihan telur (egg recovery rate, Ef) paling baik untuk identifikasi fasciola.

Sensors ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
pp. 266
Brindha Anbalagan ◽  
Sunitha Karnam Karnam Anantha ◽  
Sridhar P. Arjunan ◽  
Venkatraman Balasubramanian ◽  
Menaka Murugesan ◽  

Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) plays a critical role in effective disease management and delayed disease progression. This study reports a technique that could diagnose and differentiate PD from essential tremor (ET) in its earlier stage using a non-motor phenotype. Autonomic dysfunction, an early symptom in PD patients, is caused by α-synuclein pathogenesis in the central nervous system and can be diagnosed using skin vasomotor response to cold stimuli. In this study, the investigations were performed using data collected from 20 PD, 20 ET and 20 healthy subjects. Infrared thermography was used for the cold stress test to observe subjects’ hand temperature before and after cold stimuli. The results show that the recovery rate of hand temperature was significantly different between the groups. The data obtained in the cold stress test were verified using Pearson’s cross-correlation technique, which showed that few disease parameters like medication and motor rating score had an impact on the recovery rate of hand temperature in PD subjects. The characteristics of the three groups were compared and classified using the k-means clustering algorithm. The sensitivity and specificity of these techniques were analyzed using an Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve analyzer. These results show that this non-invasive technique can be used as an effective tool in the diagnosis and differentiation of PD in its early stage.

2021 ◽  
Md. Ataur Rahman Chowdhury

Abstract Credit risk and default risk are two interchangeable terms. Credit risk arises mainly from the lending, trade finance, leasing, and treasury business. This can be described as a potential loss from a counterparty's failure to perform as per contractual agreement with the bank being financially incapable or unwilling to repay it. Financial incapability arises when the creditor's source of earning becomes volatile. The unwillingness comes from the creditor's tendency to cheat and to make a bulk grain from the fraudulent activities. At a stretch, credit risk for the bank illustrates that the bank's performing loan portion can turn into non-performing ones. And that will decrease the recovery rate of the loan extended, and, as a result, the bank will face trouble providing the required interest amount by the depositors. Gradually the bank will become insolvent and maybe some days a bankrupt one.

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