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Elsa Zulfita ◽  
Deby Nofriansyah ◽  
Indah Wulan Sari Batubara ◽  
Nurbaiti Nurbaiti

This study aims to find out how the evolution of e-business in the Channel Enhancement stage occurred in one of the largest retail companies in Indonesia. The sample of this research is PT Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret). In this study, using a case study method with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques were carried out using literature studies, observation and documentation studies. The results of this study indicate that the company PT Indomarco Prismatama or Indomaret has optimally utilized the development of information technology by implementing it into a website and digital application. Thus, the company has entered and implemented the Channel Enhancement evolution stage to the maximum extent.

Arbarija Hafiz Lbs ◽  
Erlangga Hakim Manurung ◽  
Nurbaiti Nurbaiti

With the large number of fans of Roti Ganda outside the Pematang Siantar area, therefore an E-business implementation system is needed in the company. The use of e-business technology facilitates company performance and improves company quality. The application of this technology can expand the company's market share, especially the cost for advertising which is cheap compared to advertising on the street and mass media. There needs to be socialization and in-depth  learning as well as careful preparation before implementing e-business applications. In the process of designing the application of E-Business at a web- based Double Bakery Shop with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) approach, an explanation or theory is needed that can support and support success in making the information system and to explain to users how the functions and benefits of implementing E-Business are needed. on a web-based Double Bakery with a CRM approach.

Marsidi Marsidi ◽  
Askani Askani

This study aims to describe the work motivation of employees at the Regional Secretariat of North Bengkulu Regency. the number of respondents/informants which includes Head of Division 2 people, Head of Subsection 10 people and Staff 13 people. The data method was carried out by interviews and questionnaires, the method of data analysis was descriptive qualitative. The research uses based on research results, the most important motivational factor is the need for prestige and actually what makes an employee feel confident to do a job / work of a business, which has been done by the employer to motivate. Employees have good communication with appropriate words.

Mulyadi Mulyadi

The purpose of this research is to study the stress that usually occurs in facing retirement. This research method is a qualitative descriptive method and direct interviews. The purpose of this study was to analyze the stress faced by retirees. The results of this study indicate that employees who enter retirement experience changes in life psychologically.

Elda Anzeli Hasibuan ◽  
Surya Darma ◽  
Nurbaiti Nurbaiti

Changes in people's mindsets in obtaining accurate information are influenced by the rapid advancement of information technology. Currently, one of the most widespread applications of technology is in the field of mapping. Mapping technology is widely used to simplify important tasks. The most widely used mapping technology today is geographic information systems. Geographic Information System (GIS) is a mapping technology trend in the form of computerized information systems designed to work with spatial references. In the current pandemic period, buying and selling products offered are difficult to carry out due to restrictions on social interaction between communities, making it difficult for SMEs to sell their products. The development of information technology, especially the internet, can certainly be used as a medium to overcome these problems. The existence of a website-based information system is intended to support marketing, especially in providing detailed product and price information to consumers. The presence of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world with unprecedented challenges and has had a huge impact on daily human activities, resulting in a worsening of the global economy. The COVID-19 pandemic is currently entering its second year, requiring daily activities to be carried out from home. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has also caused business owners to feel a very real decline. In such conditions, a web-based communicative information system is needed, from which it is hoped that problem solving, especially the provision of information about the superior products of SMEs, is needed.

Nurbaiti Nurbaiti ◽  
Nadhrah Al Aflah ◽  
Supardi Supardi

Almost all corners of the world have been affected or affected by this Covid-19 virus disease, even some countries have set a lockdown status and other anticipations for the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The alternative used in this bold learning activity system is to utilize the internet network, namely the Zoom Meeting and Classroom application. This study aims to determine students' perceptions of the use of internet networks such as zoom meetings and classrooms used and how effective learning is during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research conducted here uses descriptive qualitative research methods. And the results of this study indicate that the zoom application is an application that is very effective and preferred by students because it is easier to use and very efficient when the learning process is bold and shows that some students who give their perception of the application used during learning that are brave are the Zoom Meeting application, namely the application. Zoom Meeting. by 66.7%, followed by the Google Meet application at 22.2% and the Classrom application at 11.1%.  

Epa Purnama Sari Harahap ◽  
Purnama Rahmadani Silalahi

The purpose of this study is to find out how the Paluta community's opinion on the factors that influence people's interest in investing in the capital market, of the 28 respondents who filled out the questionnaire, the Paluta community knew what investment in the capital market was. And investment in the capital market is an investment activity in the form of buying company shares (securities). So by buying company shares, you become the owner of the company. In addition to stocks, investment products in the capital market are mutual funds and bonds.

Padriyansyah Padriyansyah ◽  
Ryan Al Rachmat ◽  
Trie Sartika Pratiwi

This study is associative research that uses more than one independent variable to determine the relationship between the variables studied, namely sales volume, operating costs, and profitability. The data used are in the form of company profit and loss financial statements, which were obtained from the Indonesian stock exchange website www.IDX.co.id. The population used is the annual financial statements published for 4 periods 2017-2020 as many as 16 companies. The sample in this study is in the form of annual financial statements (profit and loss statements) for the 2017-2020 period as many as 10 companies (40 samples) according to the sampling criteria. The results obtained, Sales Volume and Operational Costs affect Profitability as evidenced by the results of Fount 6.827 > Fable of 3.250 with a significant level of 0.003. While partially Sales Volume affects Profitability as evidenced by the results of count of 2,980 and table of 2,026 with a significant value of 0.005, and also Operational Costs affect Profitability as evidenced by a count of -3.599 and table of 2.026 with a significance value of 0.001

Eka Sevtia Mesta ◽  
Ryan Al Rachmat

This study aims to produce a model of the village accounting administration system to be applied in villages in accordance with government laws and regulations. The result of this study is the Village Accounting Administration Procedure to be used in villages in Indonesia as an administrative guideline.. The research data analysis technique is collecting data from observation interviews and documentation and then the data is used as material for system and procedure analysis. The results of this study found that Ulak Paceh village accounting administration employees need to learn the laws and government regulations when administering village accounting. With their limited competence in the field of accounting and administration, this administrative activity is very difficult for them. With the analysis of the APBDes administrative accounting system in Ulak Paceh village, it is hoped that administrative activities in Ulak Paceh village will be better than before.

Atika Puspita Sari ◽  
Karona Cahya Susena ◽  
Rinto Noviantoro

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of motor vehicle tax services on taxpayer satisfaction at the Bengkulu City SAMSAT office. This type of research is descriptive qualitative research, with data collection techniques used are observation and questionnaires. The data analysis technique used is descriptive quantitative analysis method.The results showed that from simple linear regression showed taxpayer satisfaction (Y) = 4.838 + 0.921X. The constant value of 4.838 means that if there is no tax service of zero (0), then the satisfaction of the taxpayer is 4.838. While the regression coefficient for tax services is 0.921, meaning that if tax services increase by 1%, then taxpayer satisfaction will also increase or increase by 5.759% (4.838 + 0.921).

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