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Seçkin Canbaz ◽  
Gökhan Erdemir

In general, modern operating systems can be divided into two essential parts, real-time operating systems (RTOS) and general-purpose operating systems (GPOS). The main difference between GPOS and RTOS is the system istime-critical or not. It means that; in GPOS, a high-priority thread cannot preempt a kernel call. But, in RTOS, a low-priority task is preempted by a high-priority task if necessary, even if it’s executing a kernel call. Most Linux distributions can be used as both GPOS and RTOS with kernel modifications. In this study, two Linux distributions, Ubuntu and Pardus, were analyzed and their performances were compared both as GPOS and RTOS for path planning of the multi-robot systems. Robot groups with different numbers of members were used to perform the path tracking tasks using both Ubuntu and Pardus as GPOS and RTOS. In this way, both the performance of two different Linux distributions in robotic applications were observed and compared in two forms, GPOS, and RTOS.

Mathematics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 134
Diana L. González-Baldovinos ◽  
Pedro Guevara-López ◽  
Jose Luis Cano-Rosas ◽  
Jorge Salvador Valdez-Martínez ◽  
Asdrúbal López-Chau

Every computer task generates response times depending on the computer hardware and software. The response times of tasks executed in real-time operating systems such as RT-Linux can vary as their instances evolve even though they always execute the same algorithm. This variation decreases as the priority of the tasks increases; however, the minimum and maximum response times are still present in the same task, and this complicates its monitoring, decreasing its level of predictability in case of contingency or overload, as well as making resource sizing difficult. Therefore, the need arises to propose a model capable of reconstructing the dynamics of response times for the instances of a task with high priority in order to analyze their offline behavior under specific working conditions. For this purpose, we develop the necessary theory to build the response time reconstruction model. Then, to test the proposed model, we set up a workbench consisting of a single board computer, PREEMPT_RT, and a high priority task generated by the execution of a matrix inversion algorithm. This work demonstrates the application of the theory in an experimental process, presenting a way to model and reconstruct the dynamics of response times by a high-priority task on RT-Linux.

2021 ◽  
pp. 162-175
Olesia Vladimirovna Tomazova

The article considers the topic of maintenance of equipment in a working condition in the activities of oil producing enterprises. The exploitation of the means of labor takes place in difficult mining, geological and climatic conditions. Ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the surface and underground equipment operation is a priority task for the oil producing enterprises of the Russian Federation. In modern economic conditions, there is a need to improve the efficiency of work on the restoration of equipment.

2021 ◽  
Vol 20 (6) ◽  
pp. 76-83
Oleg N. Yamshchikov ◽  
Sergey A. Emelyanov ◽  
Sergey A. Mordovin ◽  
Anton N. Petrukhin ◽  
Ekaterina A. Kolobova ◽  

The literature review summarizes the scientific information devoted to the study of auxiliary methods used in restorative treatment after surgery for fractures of the femoral neck. The restoration of motor functions in patients with cervical hip fractures is a priority task of the comprehensive restorative treatment program. Despite the achievements in the field of osteosynthesis and endoprosthetics, many patients receive an unfavorable outcome of surgery and a group of disabilities. As a result of an improperly selected program of complex rehabilitation treatment or neglect of auxiliary methods, in most cases, patients gradually develop secondary complications from the damaged segment: the formation of articular contractures, muscle hypo- and atrophy, violation of the walking stereotype, ineffective consolidation, fracture and migration of metal structures with excessive load on the limb, etc., as well as the general somatic condition of the patient worsens: secondary hypostatic complications join and chronic diseases a exacerbated. The purpose of the literature review is to systematize data on the use of auxiliary treatment methods in the recovery period of patients who have undergone surgical treatment of hip fractures and their effectiveness. The article discusses the general characteristics of the applied auxiliary methods of restorative treatment, the timing and scope of their implementation, and also presents the results of individual randomized controlled trials on their effectiveness.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1133-1144
Gabriela Oshiro Reynaldo ◽  
Lucio Flavio Joichi Sunakozawa ◽  
Arlinda Cantero Dorsa

Based on the social, legal and economic implications imposed by globalization, as well as the integration between nations, this paper proposes to discuss the concept of development by analyzing the constitutions of Brazil, Paraguay, Argentine, and Chile, considering that a debate between academia and other institutions emerges in the Latin America integration context. This is an urgent and necessary dialogue to guide possible courses for this region. Countries from the most diverse continents already indicate a break in customs tariffs and the rise of new economic agreements, bringing countries of the Latin-American Integration Route (RILA) closer to the countries of today's greatest and most solid economic bloc, the European Union. This sets a precedent for the idea that RILA is becoming a macro-territory of increasing economic, social and legal visibility, which is a reason why thinking about regional development is a priority task, as well as drawing up studies and reflections that lead to a possible harmonization and integration of legal norms. These are tasks of the governments, academia, companies, and civil society. Furthermore, the present work discusses the need for legal grounds involving countries that make up the RILA, in order to provide greater legal security and dignity for the subjects involved in this intense process.

Energies ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (24) ◽  
pp. 8422
Radel Sultanbekov ◽  
Ilia Beloglazov ◽  
Shamil Islamov ◽  
Muk Chen Ong

Providing quality fuel to ships with reduced SOx content is a priority task. Marine residual fuels are one of the main sources of atmospheric pollution during the operation of ships and sea tankers. Hence, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has established strict regulations for the sulfur content of marine fuels. One of the possible technological solutions allowing for adherence to the sulfur content limits is use of mixed fuels. However, it carries with it risks of ingredient incompatibilities. This article explores a new approach to the study of active sedimentation of residual and mixed fuels. An assessment of the sedimentation process during mixing, storage, and transportation of marine fuels is made based on estimation three-dimensional diagrams developed by the authors. In an effort to find the optimal solution, studies have been carried out to determine the influence of marine residual fuel compositions on sediment formation via machine learning algorithms. Thus, a model which can be used to predict incompatibilities in fuel compositions as well as sedimentation processes is proposed. The model can be used to determine the sediment content of mixed marine residual fuels with the desired sulfur concentration.

2021 ◽  
Vol 935 (1) ◽  
pp. 012028
M Abrosimova ◽  
O Litvinova ◽  
S Filippova ◽  
L Gordeeva ◽  
N Nesterova ◽  

Abstract Nowadays agricultural production is experiencing certain difficulties that negatively affect the profitability of agricultural organizations. Despite all the efforts of the state and its attempts to support agricultural producers, one can observe a decrease in production volumes of some types of products, as well as a lack of high-tech equipment. These challenges can be solved by improving the tools and by methods of regulating the activities of agricultural organizations. The implementation of new state control scientific approaches, primarily financial and credit, informative consulting and personnel issues of agricultural sector, will help overcome negative trends. The priority task of strengthening the state stimulating role in control of inter-farm relations in the regional agricultural sector is state support for the development of peasant (farm) households and cooperation in agriculture, while maintaining the existing level of support for medium and large agricultural. The article presents an assessment of the effectiveness of public investments in the development of agriculture on the example of the Chuvash Republic, which indicates a decrease in the effectiveness of the selected forms of support for the agricultural sector. There is a growing need to develop new tools to stimulate the innovative development of the agro-industrial complex.

2021 ◽  
pp. 59-65
O.Yu. Gostieva ◽  

The article indicates that the political and economic instability that resulted from the armed conflict and hostilities in eastern Ukraine led to the fact that Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, which were previously leaders among the regions of Ukraine in terms of socio-economic development, have become outsiders. The analysis of the socio-economic situation in the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is carried out, on the basis of which the range of existing problems of these regions is highlighted, namely: loss of most of the industrial potential; drop in industrial production; reduction in gross product, exports; lack of jobs; backwardness, depression of the regions; reducing their investment attractiveness. It is noted that under such conditions, the priority task of the Government of Ukraine becomes search for effective legal and economic mechanisms for post-crisis recovery and development of these regions. It is argued that such a mechanism can be the provision of the status of priority development territories to Donetsk and Lugansk regions and introduction of a special regime for investment activities. This proposal will significantly contribute to the attraction of investments, the general recovery of the region’s economy and further development. The experience of these studies can also be applied in the restoration of territories where hostilities took place and the development of which requires additional stimulation in development.

Electronics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (21) ◽  
pp. 2727
Aleksey V. Udovichenko ◽  
Dmitri Kaluzhskij ◽  
Nikita Uvarov ◽  
Ali Mekhtiyev

Improving the operational reliability of nuclear power plants, combined heat and power plants (CHP), as well as oil and gas pipelines is a priority task in the development of a variable-speed drive for lock valves used at these facilities. This paper analyzes the technical requirements for such devices: the motor has been selected, its electrical equilibrium and moment equations have been obtained; recommendations for the selection of the kinematic drive scheme have been formulated. Based on the theoretical data obtained, a prototype has been developed, manufactured, and tested.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2096 (1) ◽  
pp. 012082
A L Shevchenko ◽  
G A Sytchev ◽  
V M Zaichenko

Abstract Torrefaction or low-temperature pyrolysis makes it possible to obtain high-quality solid biofuel from various types of biomass (peat, wood and agricultural waste, various types of biowaste) for the needs of distributed energy. The creation of energy supply systems based on local fuel and energy resources is a priority task for Russian Federation. The article presents the results of research on the development of a new method for energy utilization of biomass by torrefaction.

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