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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Ali Jalali ◽  
Justin D. Bell ◽  
Harry K. Gorfine ◽  
Simon Conron ◽  
Khageswor Giri

Recreational fishing is a popular pastime and multibillion dollar industry in Australia, playing a key economic role, especially in regional areas. In the State of Victoria, Port Phillip Bay (PPB), bordered by Melbourne and its suburbs, is the largest of the State’s marine recreational fisheries. At present, little is known about the spatial and temporal dimensions of angler travel from origins to destinations, and the applicability of such spatial knowledge in fisheries management. To address this lack of information we assessed spatiotemporal dynamics and patterns in fishing trips, based upon travel distances on land and water, to acquire insight into the spatial ranges over which anglers residing in various locations travel to fishing destinations in the environs of PPB. Data for each angler per fishing trip, from 6,035 boat-based creel surveys, collected at 20 boat ramps in PPB during a 10-year period from 2010 to 2019, were analyzed by applying geospatial modeling. Differences were observed in both land and water travel distance by region and popular target species, with anglers who launched from Bellarine region traveling further on land, and those who targeted snapper traveling further on water. It was also evident that most anglers resided within close proximity of PPB, often less than 50 km, although some anglers traveled long distances across the State to access fishing locations, particularly when targeting snapper. This work further highlights the importance of spatially explicit approaches to inform fisheries management by identifying users across different landscape and seascape scales, and out-of-region or State fishing trips, which may especially impact coastal communities and benefit local businesses.

Forests ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 124
Carlos Ivan Briones-Herrera ◽  
Daniel José Vega-Nieva ◽  
Jaime Briseño-Reyes ◽  
Norma Angélica Monjarás-Vega ◽  
Pablito Marcelo López-Serrano ◽  

Context and Background. Active fires have the potential to provide early estimates of fire perimeters, but there is a lack of information about the best active fire aggregation distances and how they can vary between fuel types, particularly in large areas of study under diverse climatic conditions. Objectives. The current study aimed at analyzing the effect of aggregation distances for mapping fire perimeters from active fires for contrasting fuel types and regions in Mexico. Materials and Methods. Detections of MODIS and VIIRS active fires from the period 2012–2018 were used to obtain perimeters of aggregated active fires (AGAF) at four aggregation distances (750, 1000, 1125, and 1500 m). AGAF perimeters were compared against MODIS MCD64A1 burned area for a total of 24 fuel types and regions covering all the forest area of Mexico. Results/findings. Optimum aggregation distances varied between fuel types and regions, with the longest aggregation distances observed for the most arid regions and fuel types dominated by shrubs and grasslands. Lowest aggregation distances were obtained in the regions and fuel types with the densest forest canopy and more humid climate. Purpose/Novelty. To our best knowledge, this study is the first to analyze the effect of fuel type on the optimum aggregation distance for mapping fire perimeters directly from aggregated active fires. The methodology presented here can be used operationally in Mexico and elsewhere, by accounting for fuel-specific aggregation distances, for improving rapid estimates of fire perimeters. These early fire perimeters could be potentially available in near-real time (at every satellite pass with a 12 h latency) in operational fire monitoring GIS systems to support rapid assessment of fire progression and fire suppression planning.

2022 ◽  
Vol 16 (1) ◽  
pp. 34
Andi Nurkholis ◽  
Yopita Anggela ◽  
A Ferico Octaviansyah P

In the face of increasing technological advances, the development of society refers to the ability to keep up with technological developments and the ability to access and present useful information. Lack of information and knowledge about the location of the gift store makes the public or tourists only visit the nearest store or those suggested by friends and people around. This study aims to develop a web-based geographic information system to make it easier for people to find the location of Lampung gift store. In this study using extreme programming as a development method. Based on the results of testing ISO 25010 that has been carried out involving 50 respondents, the conclusion that the quality of the software produced has a success percentage with a total average of 90.66%. So it can be concluded that the percentage value obtained shows the overall software quality has a "Very Good" scale and is feasible to use.

Antibiotics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 99
Haya Nassar ◽  
Rana Abu-Farha ◽  
Muna Barakat ◽  
Eman Alefishat

This study aimed to evaluate health professionals’ perceptions regarding the level of implementation of the Antimicrobials Stewardship (AMS) programs in Jordanian tertiary hospitals and to assess the perceived barriers to its implementation. During this cross-sectional study, a total of 157 healthcare providers agreed to participate (response rate 96.3%). Participants were asked to complete an electronic survey after meeting them at their working sites. Only 43.9% of the healthcare providers (n = 69) reported having an AMS committee in their hospital settings. The results suggested that private hospitals have significantly better AMS implementation compared to public hospitals among four areas (p ≤ 0.05). Moreover, the results showed that the most widely available strategies to implement AMS were infectious disease/microbiology advice (n = 112, 71.3%), and treatment guidelines (n = 111, 70.7%). Additionally, the study revealed that the main barrier to AMS implementation was the lack of information technology support (n = 125, 79.6%). These findings could draw managers’ attention to the importance of AMS and support the health care provider’s practice of AMS in Jordanian tertiary hospitals by making the right decisions and the required modifications regarding the strategies needed for the implementation of AMS programs.

2022 ◽  
pp. 107780122110703
Nadeeka Karunaratne ◽  
Jessica C. Harris

This article presents a qualitative study of 44 Women of Color undergraduate student survivors’ perceptions of campus sexual assault prevention programming using the framework of standpoint theory. Participants held perceptions concerning online training prior to college, the in-person presentations they attended during new student orientation, and the lack of information relayed through prevention programs about sexual assault perpetration. Findings highlight the need for continued research investigating the standpoints of Women of Color students to better inform implementation of prevention efforts.

Agronomy ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 180
Han-Mei Tseng ◽  
Tzy-Ming Lu ◽  
Lean-Teik Ng

Cynanchum taiwanianum is an important plant used in traditional medicine. The increasing demand and lack of information regarding its cultivation have become concerns for sustainability. This study examined the effects of nitrogen and potassium fertilization rates on the growth and biosynthesis of main bioactive compounds, including cynandione A and polyphenolic compounds, in field-cultivated C. taiwanianum. Two field experiments were conducted using three levels of nitrogen (N100, N150 and N200) and three levels of potassium (K100, K150 and K200) treatments. The experimental variables were either N or K fertilizer. The results showed that, aside from N200, N and K fertilization significantly increased C. taiwanianum shoot and tuber biomass. High N fertilization resulted in low total phenolic and total flavonoid contents in shoots and tubers, but the effects of K fertilization were minimal. Cynandione A, an important bioactive compound, was only detected in tubers; its content were enhanced with the increasing K fertilization, but reduced with excess N fertilization (N200). Although N and K fertilizers are important for C. taiwanianum tuber production, the yield of cynandione A was associated with K but not N fertilization rates. These results provide some essential information for the optimal production of C. taiwanianum tubers and functional compounds. Further studies are required to examine the mechanism(s) of cynandione A biosynthesis and its compartmentation in plant tissues.

2022 ◽  
Aarcha Sunil Lekshmi

Modern healthcare systems have been dominated by virtual approaches and digital technologies. This has increased the concern for the security of healthcare devices and data due to the lack of information confidentiality and data integrity in this sector. Information category at risk and the importance of patient safety make cybersecurity unique in the field of health. Regarding the context of this problem construction of cyber resilience in healthcare organizations has become a vital task. A comprehensive solution to this problem can be obtained by the combination of human behavioral changes, technological enhancements, process modifications, and new legislations and regulations.

Atmosphere ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 105
Ibrahim Al-Helal ◽  
Abdullah Alsadon ◽  
Samy Marey ◽  
Abdullah Ibrahim ◽  
Mohamed Shady ◽  

In arid regions, drastic seasonal variations in the climatic parameters are common; thus, a high potential of geothermal effects for heating/cooling applications is expected. However, such applications are very limited in these regions due to the lack of information about underground temperature profiles of the surface and shallow zones. Therefore, this study aims to (i) measure the underground temperature profile for one year to determine the optimum depth for burying EAHE pipes; (ii) examine the possibility of water vapour condensation occurring in the buried EAHE pipes, if the air let into the pipes was humid; and (iii) quantify the maximum cooling/heating capacity, if an EAHE was implemented. The results show that a 3-meter depth is optimal to bury EAHE pipes, where the ground temperature is 32 °C in the summer and 29 °C in the winter. These temperatures would provide a maximum cooling/heating capacity of 1000/890 MJ day−1 for each 1 m3 of humid air exhausted from a greenhouse. If the EAHE were to operate in a closed loop with a greenhouse, the condensation of water vapour in the EAHE pipes would be impossible during the cooling process. The results of this study are useful for designers using geothermal effects for indoor space cooling and heating in arid regions.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 48
Chongxun Mo ◽  
Xuechen Meng ◽  
Yuli Ruan ◽  
Yafang Wang ◽  
Xingbi Lei ◽  

Drought poses a significant constraint on economic development. Drought assessment using the standardized precipitation index (SPI) uses only precipitation data, eliminating other redundant and complex calculation processes. However, the sparse stations in southwest China and the lack of information on actual precipitation measurements make drought assessment highly dependent on satellite precipitation data whose accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Fortunately, the Chengbi River Basin in Baise City is rich in station precipitation data. In this paper, based on the evaluation of the accuracy of IMERG precipitation data, geographically weighted regression (GWR), geographic difference analysis (GDA), and cumulative distribution function (CDF) are used to fuse station precipitation data and IMERG precipitation data, and finally, the fused precipitation data with the highest accuracy are selected to evaluate the drought situation. The results indicate that the accuracy of IMERG precipitation data needs to be improved, and the quality of CDF-fused precipitation data is higher than the other two. The drought analysis indicated that the Chengbi River Basin is in a cyclical drought and flood situation, and from October to December 2014, the SPI was basically between +1 and −1, showing a spatial pattern of slight flooding, normal conditions, and slight drought.

2022 ◽  
Vol 43 (1) ◽  
pp. 311-330
Humberto Godoy Androcioli ◽  
Adriano Thibes Hoshino ◽  
Laura Jane Gisloti ◽  
Ana Beatriz Kawashima ◽  

The cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) crop is relevant for human livelihoods, particularly in poorer regions. It is consumed fresh or as industrialized flour, and the roots and aerial parts are also used to feed livestock. Pests may limit cassava production, which may endanger food security due to the socioeconomic importance of the crop. Reports of the occurrence of three insect guilds, lace bugs, shoot flies, and whiteflies have been recorded in Paraná State, Brazil, but the distinct species and their distribution are yet to be determined. This lack of information limits the development of strategies to mitigate pest damage. Surveys were conducted in 39 counties (four farms per county) distributed throughout the state that encompass the various socioeconomic regions. The collected material was properly packed and sent to the laboratory for identification, and the following species were identified: lace bugs Vatiga illudens Drake, 1922 and Vatiga manihotae Drake, 1922 (both Hemiptera: Tingidae); whiteflies Bemisia tuberculata (Bondar, 1923) and Aleurothrixus aepim (Goeldi, 1886) (both Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae), and the cassava shoot fly Neosilba perezi Romero & Ruppel, 1973 (Diptera: Lonchaeidae) in Paraná State. Lace bugs were not found in the samples in the eastern and southern portions of the state. V. illudens was more widespread than V. manihotae. The whitefly A. aepim was not observed in three counties (eastern, southern, and central regions), whereas B. tuberculata and the cassava shoot fly were found in all regions sampled in Paraná State. Suggestions for future investigations of pest management are proposed.

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