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2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 225-234
Ni Ketut Utami Nilawati ◽  
Ayu Manik Dirgayusari ◽  
I Kadek Dwi Gandika Supartha ◽  
Dewa Putu Yudhi Ardiana ◽  
I Gde Eka Dharsika

With the current outbreak of the corona virus, all sectors must start to improve so that they can survive during a pandemic, including the education sector. The teaching and learning process carried out during a pandemic situation like this is carried out using an online system and distance learning. Teachers must be able to provide facilities so that students can absorb the material optimally. Another problem that arises is that not all teachers are able to implement the distance learning system and also using the applications or technologies that support distance learning system. To solve this problem, the school needs to get the training of how to make a distance learning system media and in this case the school cooperates with STMIK STIKOM INDONESIA (STIKI) for the training. The training materials provided are google classroom training, google form and training on making the learning videos. The results of the analysis were obtained from the pretest and posttest questionnaires which were described descriptively. After receiving the training, most of the teachers will switch to use the Google Classroom media instead of WA social media, because 100% of the teachers stated that Google Classroom is very helpful in supporting online learning. In addition, according to the posttest questionnaires, 8.3% of the teachers understand very well about the features contained in Google Classroom, 41.7% understand it well and 50% are understand it quite well, meaning that most of the teachers understand the use of Google Classroom. The training also received a good responses from SDN 2 Kawan School and it will be applied  to support their distance learning system.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 21-28

This study examines the effectiveness of the implementation of online distance learning at MIM Bulakrejo Sukoharjo in 2020/2021, and the advantages and disadvantages of implementing online distance learning at MIM Bulakrejo Sukoharjo in 2020/2021. This survey uses a descriptive qualitative approach and uses a field survey. The primary data sources of this study were the principal and teachers. Observation techniques, interviews, and documented data collection to support the research data needed. The conclusions of the researchers are as follows: 1) The online learning system of MIM Bulakrejo is not very effective. Online system learning at the elementary school level is like an incentive for teachers and students to exercise. The application of the online learning system at MIM Bulakrejo is less effective because it actually only gives assignments to students and the teacher does not know whether the students understand it. The teacher's job is usually only done occasionally, in the form of giving assignments from so many pages to so many pages. 2) The supporting factor is that the school provides WiFi to students as a means of providing material and by providing free delegation. The obstacle is not only the lack of effectiveness and time efficiency by parents who are busy so they cannot provide assistance to their children during the online system learning process, but also the lack of enthusiasm of students to take part in online system learning. ABSTRAKPenelitian ini mengkaji tentang efektivitas penerapan pembelajaran jarak jauh sistem daring di MIM Bulakrejo Sukoharjo Tahun 2020/2021, dan kelebihan serta kekurangan dalam pelaksanaan pembelajaran jarak jauh sistem daring di MIM Bulakrejo Sukoharjo Tahun 2020/2021. Survei ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif deskriptif dan menggunakan survei lapangan. Sumber data primer penelitian ini adalah kepala sekolah dan guru. Teknik observasi, wawancara, dan pengumpulan data terdokumentasi untuk mendukung data penelitian yang dibutuhkan. Kesimpulan dari peneliti adalah sebagai berikut: 1) Sistem pembelajaran online MIM Bulakrejo sangat tidak efektif. Pembelajaran sistem online di tingkat sekolah dasar seperti penyemangat bagi guru dan siswa untuk berolahraga. Penerapan sistem pembelajaran online di MIM Bulakrejo kurang efektif karena sebenarnya hanya memberikan tugas kepada siswa dan guru tidak mengetahui apakah siswa memahaminya. Tugas guru biasanya hanya dilakukan sesekali, berupa pemberian tugas dari halaman yang begitu banyak ke halaman yang sangat banyak. 2) Faktor pendukung adalah pihak sekolah menyediakan WiFi kepada siswa sebagai sarana pemberian materi dan dengan memberikan delegasi gratis. Kendala tersebut tidak hanya pada kurang efektif dan efisiensi waktu oleh orang tua dengan kesibukannya sehingga tidak bisa memberikan pendampingan pada anaknya saat proses pembelajaran sistem daring, tetapi juga kurangnya semangat siswa untuk mengikuti pembelajaran sistem daring.

A. Abdul Rahman ◽  
H. Rhinane

Abstract. This year the event of the Joint Geospatial Asia-Europe 2021 and GeoAdvances 2021 was held virtually from Casablanca, Morocco from 5 to 6th October. Sixty-two papers were received and 46 papers were accepted for the ISPRS International Archives. These papers could be categorized into three sub-disciplines – GIS, Geomatics, and Geo-computation (machine learning and applications). All accepted papers as revealed in this proceedings and presented at the conference. Several renowned researchers presented their works as keynotes, they are Prof Dr Peter van Oosterom (from TU Delft, the Netherlands), Prof Dr Volker Coors (from HfT Stuttgart, Germany), Dr Filip Biljecli (from National University of Singapore), Prof Dr Hassan Rhinane (from Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco), Prof Dr Umit Isikdag (from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey), Assoc Prof Dr Gurcan Buyuksalih (Istanbul, Turkey), Prof Dr Sisi Zlatanova (from University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), Assoc Prof Dr Lars Bodum (Aalborg University, Denmark), Prof Dr Andreas Buerkert (from University of Kassel, Germany). Presentations from Invited Speakers from various universities and research institutes from Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, Switzerland, Qatar, Indonesia, and Germany enhanced the conference academic standing.We would like to thank all reviewers for their diligent works on the feedbacks and comments on the assigned papers.Last, but not least, gratitude to all the volunteers mainly our research students for making sure all the online system runs smoothly.Enjoy!

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
Murniyanto Murniyanto

This research is looking at the current conditions that hit the whole world, namely the corona virus pandemic. A pandemic that causes the entire order of world life to change in all fields, one of which is in the field of education. Due to a pandemic, all activities outside the home are limited. Education is very important in life, therefore education must continue to be carried out during this pandemic. Schools during the pandemic are completed remotely or also known as web or internet learning. Distance learning interactions can maintain distance, and do not cause extreme sports outside the home, of course to maintain health. Furthermore, to find on the web or the internet the learning steps are well done. Exploration is subjective and the subjects of this test are educators and students of SDN class 1V Muara Tiku. The exam cycle begins with the perception to decide on the school's internet learning interactions. Further meetings and documentation. The information collected is checked using reports or explanations from educators and students. The achievement of learning with an online framework in Indonesian language learning includes (a) the use of whatsapp gatherings, (b) dramatization techniques and online conversations, (c) supporting elements for picking up network distances that must be steady and displaced using media, (d) inhibiting factors for interaction learning is an organization that is often disconnected from the network, the topics are difficult to understand.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 134-143
Ibnu Chudzaifah ◽  

The COVID-19 pandemic period began to shift and shake the order of the learning process that usually takes place, one example is face-to-face learning turning into online learning. Online features seem to be a substitute for offline or face-to-face learning such as schoology, whatsapp, google classroom, moodle, zoom meeting, and several other applications that support learning (Kahfi & Kasanova, 2020). This shift has also begun to create new challenges for the world of Islamic boarding schools, as we all know that Islamic boarding schools are educational institutions that implement a boarding school system. Usually the discipline of the students can be measured through the punctuality of coming to school on time, but now this is an obstacle for the kiai or the asatidz council regarding the learning evaluation process, especially if the students who carry out the learning process with the online system, many from the economy or lower class. those who live in areas that do not support the internet network. Likewise, it is rather difficult to control the students in carrying out activities such as compulsory worship and other circumcision, even though we all know that what is unique about the education system in pesantren is the transfer of knowledge from the kiai or the asatidz council. The focus of this research is the online learning process at the Roudlatul Khuffadz Islamic Boarding School, Sorong Regency. Therefore, the author uses a qualitative descriptive analysis method, namely research that produces descriptive data in the form of words or text and behavior, which can be observed from the subject itself (Kahfi & Kasanova, 2020). This was done to reveal facts about Islamic boarding school learning in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic at the Raudlatul Khuffadz Islamic boarding school, where most Islamic boarding schools were closed or using an online system. Fraenkel and Wallen argue that qualitative research can reveal real events that occur in the field (Kahfi & Kasanova, 2020). The methods that I will use include: Interview or Interview, Observation and Documentation Methods From the results of the study, the authors conclude that: First, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Roudlotul Khuffadz Islamic Boarding School continued to carry out learning as usual (outside the network) while still adhering to health protocols. Second), the obstacles faced by the Roudlotul Khuffadz Islamic Boarding School in learning during the pandemic are first, related to the equipment of medical devices for the prevention of Covid-19. Second, Infaq as one of the financial income of pesantren tends to decrease due to the impact of the guardians who are also affected by Covid-19 from an economic perspective.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (4) ◽  
pp. 538-549
Mutala'ah Mutala'ah ◽  
Arjudin Arjudin ◽  
Wahidaturrahmi Wahidaturrahmi ◽  
Sudi Prayitno

This study aims to describe the online mathematics learning process and to find out the mathematics learning outcomes in terms of the mathematics disposition of class XII IPA students at SMA Negeri 7 Mataram. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. All students of class XII IPA at SMA Negeri 7 Mataram are the population, where the sample size is 62 students who were selected by cluster random sampling rule. Data collection used a questionnaire, interview and documentation study. From this research, the results show that: (1) The learning process carried out by the teacher changes from direct learning to online learning. In the online learning process, there are several difficulties experienced by students, including students who do not understand the material presented by the teacher, whether the material is delivered in the form of a pdf or video that has been shared. In implementing the online learning process the teacher is not the only source of learning so students are actively looking for other learning reference sources such as videos on YouTube and websites. Assessment of learning outcomes is carried out by providing a written test of the test resulting in that there is no increase in student learning outcomes during learning with an online system. The implementation of online learning cannot be separated from the supervision of parents and teachers. (2) There is a correlation between final semester test scores with students' mathematical dispositions.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 264-273
Muhamad Sadali ◽  
Yupi Kuspandi Putra ◽  
Yahya Yahya ◽  
Intan Komala Dewi ◽  

Internet network has become a basic need for all government offices, from central to village governments. This is because the Indonesian government has built an integrated online system. Therefore, this service aims to assist all village governments in Sembalun District in improving services for the community in information technology. The target of the activity is Sembalun District which is the leading partner. The target and outcome of this service are establishing an internet network facility of a village government in Sembalun District to improve services in information and communication technology. The method used is a participatory approach to community development or Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The results of this service are: 1) The internet network facility greatly helps the village government, 2) Village officials can complete their work based online, 3) The village government can improve services in information and communication technology. With the community service that has been carried out, it is hoped that it can help all village governments in Sembalun District carry out their duties to the maximum and improve services for the community.

2021 ◽  
Vol 37 (04) ◽  
pp. 455-468
Anwar Khan ◽  
Muhammad Anwar ◽  
Sajjad Ahmad Jan

The ongoing COVID-19-pandemic has particularly affected the education sector. Globally all educational intuitions have been shifted towards the online education system. Online system was perceived challenging due to different barriers and issues. For this reason, different research studies were conducted on online education system. However, it is not known whether any improvements have occurred in the online education system? Keeping this in mind, this study has examined improvements in online education system by looking at role of media. For this purpose, a longitudinal design was selected, and data were collected through the online-self-administeredquestionnaire from 707 students studying in a public sector university of Pakistan. Data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. Results showed that with passage of time improvements had occurred in online educational system of COVID-19. This study recommends that Government should continuously work on further improving online education system towards sustainability.

2021 ◽  
Vol 33 (02) ◽  
pp. 123-149
Muhammad Sirod ◽  

This research aims to understand the extent of the students’ participation to join the lectures during the Covid-19 pandemic, that requires the lectures to be conducted through online system. In such a condition Inquary-based learning is selected as an appropriate method of learning, in which the students’ independence is needed. The researchers conducted a case study on the application of inquiry-based learning, especially in the subject of Structure-Grammar, at the English Study Program, Academy of Foreign Language St. Pignatelli Surakarta In the implementation of this method the students are expected to be autonomous learners who must be aware of themselves that they need particular knowledge and consequently, with their own accord they will find any sources from both reference-books and scientific webs. The role of the lecturer is to guide them in such a way that they master the minimum requirements. The research results show that the students of Semester II give 66.66% of positive response, and those of Semester IV 73.55%. There are more than 25 % of students who do not give positive participation to the lectures due to  several obstacles, namely the lack of smart phones, adequate computers or internet access. Although the results are not so satisfying, they can be used as a reference for autonomous learning.

Frinda Novita ◽  
Hafzana Bedasari ◽  
Roli Sambuardi ◽  
Azmi Azmi ◽  
Kurniawati Kurniawati

This research aims to analyze the management of public services based on information systems in the New Normal era in Karimun Regency after a year of running and its inhibiting factors. This research uses qualitative methods with data collection techniques in the form of in-depth interviews and observations. The object of the study is UPT-PPD Samsat Karimun Karimun Karimun Regency and the taxpayer community. The results showed that public service management based on E-Samsat information systems has not shown significant benefits, both for increased motor vehicle tax revenue and for ease of administration. The main factor of inhibition found is that E-Samsat is not a fully full online system, still lack socialization of E-Samsat to the community, and the habit of using formal or informal intermediary services that are still more popular with the public. As a recommendation, for the achievement of the goal of innovation of better E-Samsat information system, the Regional Revenue Agency cooperates with SAMSAT and the Relevant Police to improve E-Samsat into a fully online system, especially in the procedure of payment of motor vehicle taxes, further promote the socialization of E-Samsat to the community, and increase positive disposition among E-Samsat service officers to support success in the challenges of public service management. sis information systems in the New Normal era.

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